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  1. Can I please get a ID if this is Gill flukes? Recently purchased and had in isolation but have noticed ob has red on gills and Dragonbloods have red lines down the body. Any help will be much appreciated so I can treat the correct treatment. Some one else has mentioned it could be sepsis?
  2. Interested in buying bulk African Cichlids Juveniles to adults. I'm Brisbane North side but will to travel Thanks!
  3. Wanted Female SRD Flowerhorn I have a male approx 30cm Looking for a female for him so nothing to small. Located Brisbane North Side willing to travel for the right one.
  4. Hi I'm Searching for a SRD Flowerhorn I need a female for my male. My male is about 30cm Located Brisbane Northside but willing to travel! Thanks
  5. Salvini Pair $70 Brisbane North Side Text only please 0401 0191 58
  6. I have Africans for sale located in Kippa Ring near Redcliffe feel free to message if interested
  7. I have a pair of Salvini Brisbane northside near Redcliffe though
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