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  1. 6 Rainbows and 1 Gudgeon

    Are the Rainbows still available? If so how much are you after and what sexes are they?
  2. Building a Natural Pond

    Not sure if you have progressed any with this project, but seriously if you haven’t you need to use Black Waterfall foam to put your waterfall together. You can buy it from aquascape supplies.com.au in Yandina on the Sunshine Coast. Also have a look at aquascapeinc.com site for plenty of building tips
  3. solar fountain pumps

    Have a look at clearpond.com.au they have a range called Aquagarden that are backed with a 2year warranty there is a where to buy section on there website as they are wholesale.
  4. I thoroughly enjoy my pond and gain maximum benefit from it by filtering it using an Oase Filtoclear combined with regular maintenance. I'm curious as to what everybodies thoughts are as to keeping there pond clear Do you prefer the natural method allowing time and bacteria to naturally filter your pond? or Do you prefer some sort of mechanical and bilogical filtration with the addition of U.V. steriliser
  5. Pond Fencing Laws

    Yes as best we all understand that is correct As for maximum distance it is more about how close obstructions or object are to the fence to prevent access to the enclosure
  6. Pond Fencing Laws

    Hi all I currently work within the Pond Industry and thought you all might be interested in the laws relating to fencing of Pools and or Ponds Below is an extract from the Queensland Building Act 1975 that is still current today Q. What is the definition of a swimming pool? A. Schedule 2 of the Building Act 1975 defines a swimming pool as an excavation or structure that is: • capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more; • capable of being used for swimming, bathing, wading, paddling or other human aquatic activities; • used, designed, manufactured or adapted for the purposes mentioned above, despite its current use. Swimming pools include spa pools, spa tubs or similar (whether portable or fixed) and wading pools (other than a portable wading pool). It does not include: • a fish pond or pool (used, designed, manufactured or adapted for this purpose); • a dam or tank (used, designed, manufactured or adapted for aquaculture, marine research or water storage); • a watercourse; • a portable wading pool I should also add that at the end of it all Common Sense Prevails so if you do have little ones fence it to be safe.