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  1. Hi my name is Ian Can you let me know how you go on this, As i have the same problem
  2. Is there anyone that is a member, that can tell me if this Forum is for real , am i wasting my time on here.
  3. Has anyone know how long it takes to get a reply.
  4. Good Morning, This the first time, I have a 2ft aqua one 620 fish tank and a filter and light all in one, My question is I have a aqua one 1000 canister spare , would i be better off leaving as is, or changing it to the canister filter. Regrades Ian
  5. I have 2 angle fish that are laying there eggs, but this is the 4 time she has eaten them, so do I tale the eggs out that are on the rock, or take them out or leave them as is
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