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  1. A guy did a version of a dirted tank with sweet potato as a filter. the whole project is up on youtube (if link doesn't work, search Foo the Flowerhorn sweet potato). From memory, it was pretty effective and the roots were amazing (he had wild betta so heavy root system was great coverage), but the sweet potato disintegrated after a while. So possibly worth replacing the potato (but then you might have swings while you wait for new roots to establish) from time to time? Or having a few in at varying times to be able to rotate through the mushy ones? Keen to hear how it goes.
  2. Mahachai, imbellis, and stiktos. And if the isolation continues, I suspect I'll venture into mouthbrooders. Breeding but only unintentionally. What do you keep?
  3. Hello all, Into fish, specifically wild bettas, but I have endlers, corys, and some shrimp. Also carnivorous plants, if anyone has utrics or waterwheel/aldrovanda. Two months into self imposed isolation and I am losing my mind. Thank God I have these fish to distract and amuse me, and also to dress up and reenact episodes of Prime Suspect. Otherwise I think my sanity would have completely unravelled.
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