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  1. Cheers for the help guys just heard they were good tanks are they an all in one set up ?? With filtration etc built in ?? Will def check out aquarama Cheers for the info
  2. Cheers for that ! Does any one have one of these tanks ? Any ideas on quality or if any other stores sell em ?? Cheers
  3. Hey guys any one know who makes or sells these tanks in Australia ?? I hear they have some ice acrylic tanks and am looking to get one . Any suggestions ie who stocks them were they are made any one got one and know if they are any good ??? Cheers guys all ways appreciate the help.
  4. Thanks for the help guys im beginning to think I may have to rethink the size .. Mayb slightly less height more like 760 ... Still looking at a few options . Any further input would b great And if anyone has a triangular corner tank a photo or 2 would be good cheers guys
  5. hey thanks for that any one know what thickness etc i need to do the job ???
  6. hey guys designing my own corner tank unit as only place i can fit it in my new place.... looking to build a triangular design 800x800x1200mm and would like a height of 850mm .. not sure if this is do able from a glass tank perspective and what thickness etc i would need. also am interested in the adv/disadv of perspecs over a glass tank. any ideas/ comments welcomed cheers
  7. any ideas if he is still making tanks ??? i am looking for a custom job ..
  8. dog and cat no longer lives with me so just want to kill em off from my place... any suggestions ????
  9. just waning some tips for how to set a flea bomb in my house safely while protescting my fish tanks ...??
  10. hey i can sms my address when you are getin ready to head over but if you can bring a bucket thanks nathan

  11. yeah mine eat pritty much anything just little bits alot of the time they only have small stomachs so alittle alot is best. have done beef heart with seafood and spirulina mixed in with garlic they love it ... discus granules does help em colour up tho ..i some times mix some into my beef heart mix..
  12. new shop looks awesome and they have a lot more tank space and apear to be branching out a little too. they are great guys and have been in there a few times.. good to see ray and kev battling on cheers for the great service.
  13. ok so been attempting to treat my discus for ( what i thought was white spot ) but appears to be almost like a fin rot..?? paramaters are all good and uncahanged treatments already tried.. protozoan increased temp and salt still not cured signs are lethargic though still eating apparent fin degredation and some clamping ...
  14. highly recommend clown/yoyo loaches i haad millions of the buggers and they cleaned em up quick smart they love em and nice and natural cure too. keep one or 2 in your tank and they never come back i have never had a problem since ....
  15. Hi mate I'm interested in the geo s but am wondering when they might b ready I would only b able to pick them up in a couple of weeks only looking for 2-3 at the moment

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