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  1. Contact me or my wifes add on gumtree , plenty available
  2. I use pallet racking i would rather something that is made to handle to carry weight no trust in bunnings rack made in china
  3. johnbetta , hi mate i have sent pandapete a pm but have had no response. Is anyone else into corydoras that i can contact ?
  4. Thanks for the welcome
  5. Wehave recently bought l333's didnt see them for the first month but inthe last couple of weeks they are out more although not very active
  6. Coffs harbour gravel is great but here is a tip at the fish shop it is very expensive . If you go to your local landscape yard the keep it too in 3 sizes so you can choose for the look you want i use the under 10 mm and i get 4 x 20 litre buckets for $10
  7. Just joined thought i would say hi , anyone help me out with some corydoras for the wife ? Also looking for a peppermint bn girl around 8-10 cm for my lonely boy ? Cheers people
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