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  1. Looking for L144 or super red breeders/Colony gold coast Brisbane. Tia.
  2. I'm chasing a nice size pleco, L number for my display tank. Something not so main stream I guess you call it but also don't want to sell a child for one. Well.. no better not. So far i have L397, L144 longfin ,L066,L080, L002, L202, L015, L201, super red, Albino long, Albino normal, Common long, common normal, orange spot, peppermint, Gold spot common, Albino sail fin, L270, L333 and i think thats it. Males only of course. Hope so anyway. Located gold coast but will travel for the right fish and right price.
  3. just thought I would say hi. I have a few plecos im breeding and also doing a display tank with plecos. So chasing larger males for that tank.
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