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  1. Hi Guys. I have been using Aquaticlog for the last few weeks but it has some bugs that i'm not happy with. Even though it's a free app, I decided to pay for an app that was still going to give me what i want but with out the bugs. I started using Aquarimate last night. Been going good and i'm happy with it so far. I anyone else using it and if so, how have you found it?
  2. Ive been going to Smith Aquariums at Boondale. Found them very helpful Website
  3. Thanks , I'll have to keep that in mind when i get the tank and have it cycled
  4. Hi Johnbetta I like many different types. I should be receiving a 189lt tank soon and not sure what i will have have in it. I'm thinking Cichlids but i like planted tanks. Aquascaping. So not sure Cichlids are the way. At least not affican cichlids. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi Guys New to fish keeping though I did keep fish many years ago. Very different to what i find now. I have two tanks. 70lt and a 65lt Keeping Tetras, Rasboras and Corydoras Also Cherry Shimp . Looking forward to any advice about the hobbie
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