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  1. Called into Annerly Aquarium today and a very knowledgeable young lady told me about Eheim Torf pellets which will do the job. She also showed me a lot of options of fish varieties to go with the Torpedo Barbs for the 650 liter tank. There were some very beautiful fish that will suit my proposed setup. Also some very expensive ones !
  2. Thanks guys. The water is hard straight from the tap . ( Redland City town supply mostly sourced from Stradbroke Island ) The fish seem happy enough as far as I can tell. No obvious signs of disease. I was wondering if I should add more activated carbon to the filters ? Got hold of a water softener pillow so will test the hardness tonight and see how it is.
  3. For your viewing pleasure, Aqualand at night. VID_20201222_223822.mp4
  4. Went to PetBarn this afternoon to get my water tested to compare with my test strips. Lo and behold, the results were different. All done with test tubes and my worry about the high nitrates level turned out to be no worry. Reading was good. PH wa higher at 7.2. All other measurements except for water hardness was good. So I have to find a way to soften the water. Value is 250. They suggested that I change the water. ( I've already done 50% ) So I fill up some buckets and add the API quick start and Aqua Clear Health+ in 1 bucket and just leave the other untouched for a test comparason.. I measure both buckets and same result. Very Hard water. I asked at Petbarn how to soften the water and it was suggested to use a Water Softener Pillow. So I say I'll buy it and then told they don't sell it. Damn. So I drive to Neilsens aquarium and ask there. They had no answer at all. This hardness problem is driving me batty ! Going to stick 2 buckets outside to catch some rain and try that next. I need feedback help !
  5. LOL, You'll be more an expert than me. ( p.s. just read your reply after my reply to billfish ) Inside my home is usually 24. Tank is set at 25 but does reach 26 - 27 on hot days. Filtration via 2 HOB's. A Aqua One and a Seachem Tidal 75 both in main tank. ( quarantein tank has built in filter ) Feed twice a day. Food gone in 2 - 3 minutes.
  6. Thank-you for your reply Billfish. Nitrates is a worry. Using test strips so unsure of accuracy. As far as I can tell, it's 160. Nitrite shows 0 Hardness between 150 - 300 Alkalinity shows at 0 PH at about 6.8 - 7.0 Going to go get the water tested at PetBarn today. Thinking of getting a JBL Multitest Proscan. I'm having a bit of trouble trying to pick the colours on test strips and moreso with test tubes. ( Maybe a bit of colour blindness on my part ) link ----> https://livefish.com.au/proscan-app-intergrated-test-strips Main tank has 16 fish in 175 liters, rest are currently in quarantine tank as have just been purchased. Water would have had at least 50% changed over 2 weeks. Going by the info I've read so far on my fish species, idealy the PH should be about 6.5 and the water soft. The 2 things I want to get done as a priority is lower the Nitrate and soften the water. Cheers
  7. Seeking some expert advice please on how I should go about correcting the water parameters and what you would use or reccommend. Aquarium volume around 180 L Nitrite reading is good Nitrate level too high PH 7 thereabouts Alkalinity is low Chlorine = 0 Water is too hard Temp is 25 Stock = 2 angels, 2 Odessa Barbs, 5 Cardinals. 2 Lemon Tetras, 5 Rummynose Tetras, 3 Black Neons, 1 Black Phantom Tetra, 1 bristlenose @ 7cm, and 4 black widow tetras. Thanks in advance
  8. I have it home and running now. Seller was fantastic. Kept the tank running as requested till I arrived. We emptied the tank and i filled up many containers with the water. Kept the filter media in a sealed container with water. Bagged all the fish. Moved the tank into my car, then the stand. Bagged fish went into my 25 litre Esky which was then filled with tank water and lid closed. Then a 1.5 hour trip home on the M1. Very happy ! ( p.s. My wife now calls it her aquarium ) Everything shown was included except for the new heater on left and new Seachem filter on right, AquaOne HOB filter on left and heater on right included in sale as is all ornaments including volcanic rock. ( Only half the rock is in the tank. )
  9. Update, What a let down ! Seller agreed to sell to me. The next day, the seller was not answering messenger. I waited till the following weekend an still no replies. I know they were reading my messages as you can see that. So disappointed. Anyway, not to worry. The week after, I found another new listing to sell a 4 foot with light, filter, all the fish , ornaments and accessories. All for $ 100.. Even Better ! We've been exchanging messages most of the week and tomorrow I am picking it all up. Everything is organised and GPS is set . LOL Tomorrow will be the beginning of my fish keeping hobby...
  10. I've just recently seen some Denison Barbs ( or Roseline Sharks or Redline Torpedo Barbs ) . As soon as I saw them as adults in a display tank, that was it ! Will be my feature fish in my new aquarium. They were priced at 2 for $ 100 for juveniles.
  11. Been awhile ! Time for an update. My new tank is not expected to be finished till January now. I've now got a bit of a plan for the fish I want to keep. My main feature fish will be some Red Line Torpedo Barbs ( also known as Denison Barb or Roseline Shark ) . Some Angel fish with a couple of schools of smaller community fish. Could not believe my luck today when I found on facebook Marketplace, a 4ft tank with stand, filter, air pump, heater, LED lighting, hood with driftwood, established Java fern, Anubis, Amazon sword and to top it all off, 6 beautiful white Angels. Been checking out marketplace and Gumtree for weeks and this is by far the best find I've made, all for $ 150.. WOW !!! I plan on having this tank as my secondary / Quarantine tank once the new build is installed. If you have any feedback on anything I should be aware of, please let me know. Cheers, Peter
  12. Thankyou for all the info everyone. Very much appreciated. I will stick with a freshwater setup for now, and think I will then do a salty when I go into semi retirement in about 4 years. That will give me the time to collect the required bits over time and also give me the time to do it properly and not rush. tdj5. Your tank looks stunning !
  13. Hi Aaron. Welcome. Would love to see some pictures ! Cheers, Peter.
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