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  1. Thankyou for all the info everyone. Very much appreciated. I will stick with a freshwater setup for now, and think I will then do a salty when I go into semi retirement in about 4 years. That will give me the time to collect the required bits over time and also give me the time to do it properly and not rush. tdj5. Your tank looks stunning !
  2. Hi Aaron. Welcome. Would love to see some pictures ! Cheers, Peter.
  3. Hi Stix's You sound a bit like me. I decided to keep fish again after 40ish years myself. I'm just a couple years shy of 60 now. As for a quality tank, I'm having one built by Dennison Seeto of Mary-Anne's Aquariums. Search that name in Messenger if you want a chat with them. A few members here pointed me in that direction. Check out the forum sponsors for the bits n peices. Just click on their logos. Cheers 
  4. Hi Mick74/75 ! I'm a new member trying to sort out my future setup. Your pics are pretty serious looking !
  5. Where I'm at so far. Tank ordered and deposit paid. 152 cm long which is against a 159 cm wall with a GPO. Black base with black vinyl on rear glass of tank to absorb reflections and enhance fish colouring. Have the 4 foot Aqua One PlantGlo LED ( Long term plan to buy Fluval Plant 3.0 and use PlantGlo on secondary tank ) Have Seachem Tidal 110 and 75 ( Long term plan to replace Tidal 110 and use in secondary tank and buy Nautilus 2700UVC ) Have auto feeder. ( Only for when I can't be home as I work odd hours ) Approx December tank arrives and I will then set up the tank with plants and give it a month to establish. Buy a school of Tetras and add benificial bacteria to tank. Keep tabs on Temp settings, PH, Hardness, Ammonia, Nitrates, Nitrites. Find a good secondary tank on marketplace or Gumtree or this forum if I'm lucky. Then it's time to buy the fish and get the community together !
  6. Wow !!!! Bingo Now that is the look I'm after. So all those fish co-exist no problem ? Any chance I could have a detailed list of what's in your tank ? It looks beautiful. PM me if you prefer. How are the plants holding up in your tank. So many questions... Temp, PH, hardness Now I'm thinking about heaters in my 500 liter tank. 5x2x2.5 What wattage should I have ? My thoughts here is, say I need 400 watts ( as an example ) , I would split that into 2 x 200 watt heaters and would this theory work ? If one heater would fail, then the other would help stop the water temp dropping suddenly and I would in theory notice a change in temp and get a replacement for the failed heater before the temp gets too low. Alternatively, if one heater got stuck on, the other would cycle off and just one 200 watt would hopefully be unable to increase the temp too much and not cause too much drama ? Would that theory work ? Oh man ! Can't wait to get my tank built !
  7. Sounds adorable.. Sounds very much like the late puppy stage of development. They are a working breed so give him plenty of exercise to prevent boredom. Whenever you go to the Vet, get his eyes checked out as dallys are predisposed to eye conditions later in life. ** Sorry, I was an Admin on a dog forum and breeder of JS ** Would love to see a picture ! Cheers
  8. Today I managed to buy a second new Seachem Tidal filter { Tidal 75 } for $ 92.85 I would have preferred to buy a cannister but the cost is not affordable for me at this time. Anyway, the combined flow rate of the 110 and 75 is 3,500 lph. I will round that down to 3,000 lph which should equate to 6 x the 500 liter volume of my ( future ) tank. My plan is to also have different filter media in the 2 filters ( suggestions ? ) which I hope will be benificial to the tank enviroment. I like the way that these filters will pull water from the bottom as well as skim from the top and also that they will self start if the power is cut and then reconnects while no one is home. Thoughts ? Am I on the right track here ? Cheers
  9. Thanks. The sum of my cichlids knowledge is that there are African and American species.. So I have to check out the American cichlids. Will have to visit Annerly Aquarium at Stones Corner for a look. I drive past there just about every day, but never been in for a look.
  10. Thanks for your reply MFF. I don't have any cichlids in mind. I am hoping members can give me suggestions of which varieties of cichlids would go well in a community tank and which other species I can safely have in the same tank. I have read about some cichlids that cannot be part of a community tank so I also need to know what to avoid. Cheers !
  11. I've had various fish over the years, but I've never had anything to do with Cichlid's. Could a community tank featuring Cichlid's be a possibility ? They are a magnificent looking fish, but I really know nothing about them. If a community can be done, what fish would you suggest can co-inhabit and how many for a 500 liter tank ? I'm thinking about water temp, PH, hardness etc. I need to be educated with this. ( or stick with my original plan with Gourami's ) Thanks
  12. Welcome ! What breed of pup do you have ? I haven't got any fish yet as my new aquarium will be getting built soon.
  13. Update. Last night I picked up a AquaOne PlantGlo 4 foot for $100 and a auto feeder for $10 . Figured I may as well pick up what I can on the second hand market so I at least have the essentials when I take delivery of my new aquarium and base around December. Then after I will commence upgrading some items as needed. Below is a similar aquarium although mine will be shorter.
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