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  1. Thankyou very much for all your suggestions. I looked at the FX models, and yeah, don't think my budget can go that far. Should be able to afford the Nautilus 2700.
  2. I've calculated the volume of water at max would be about 500 litres. 1. What size heater W should I buy ? 2. Should I buy a cannister filter with or without a UV lamp ? ps, I've now bought the Seachem Tidal 110 for $ 129.00 after lots of googling. I guess I'm asking from the experienced fish keepers, to compliment the Tidal 110 HOB filter on a 500 liter tank , which cannister filter model / size would you recommend for optimal filtation ? Assuming the cannister will be sitting on the bottom of the stand/cabinet, the height from floor to top of tank is 1665mm.
  3. After a bit more tweaking, I think we now have the final specs for the tank. The tank will be 1500mm long by 765mm high by 450mm. Cabinet and Pelmet will be Matte Black with a Black vinyl background on tank. Total height from floor to top of Pelmet will be 1665mm. I hope this will hide lids and lighting from view. Proposed lighting will be the Fluval Plant 3.0 Due to the increase in volume, I will need to reconsider my filtration. Any suggestions, please post. Would a combination of Aqua1 Nautilus 1400 and Seachem Tidal 110 be OK or overkill ? Cheers !
  4. I'm planning to buy the Fluval Plant 3.0 for my new build. Cheapest I've found for the 59W is $ 422.50
  5. Gourami's as the main feature, with community friendly Tetras, a few Corydoras, and Barbs.
  6. Been busy trawling the interwebs during my spare time this week and I think I've finally got myself a setup. My Aquarium and Cabinetry is going to be built by Dennison Seeto. ( Many thanks to the members who alerted me to Dennison. Would never have known otherwise ) Filter most likely will be a Nautilus 1400, although possibly a Seachem Tidal 110. ( Not 100% which way to go here ) 300W Aqua One Quartz heater And the icing on the cake, Fluval Plant 3.0 Full Spectrum LED programmable light. I had been looking at buying the Aqua One Brilliance 150, but there seems to be no stock in QLD and I can hardly zip over the border ATM to bring one up from down south. So that's the stage I'm at right now. Now it's time to just wait till it all arrives at my home. I'm excited ! Should I post pics ? All I have now is a blank wall LOL ! Cheers......
  7. LOL , Yes. The fact that it has a cannister filter included is a plus for me. I've had a few small hobby tanks with the built in filter in the lid in the past, and all had failed before 12 months.
  8. Thank you. Sand like gravel is noted ! Pity about the Angels. I found some Black Angels at Loganholme. They look absolutely stunning !
  9. On friday, I went out to look at aquariums on the southside. Found 2 places that sell 5 footers. First up, went to Aquariums R us. Yes, they are the cheapest I have seen so far, BUT, you certainly see the compromise on the quality of the tank and more so, the cabinet. Don't think I can live with that as the centerpiece of my home and it will be the first thing people will see when entering my home. The other tank and stand I found at Loganholme, was an Aqua One Brilliance 150. This is a very impressive looking unit, very pleasing on the eye. Also the workmanship on the tank is just so clean. The glass is just beautiful and the joins at the corners are perfect. Looks like I may have to increase my budget slightly for this setup. Well worth the extra dollars I think. https://aquaone.com.au/2015-04-16-04-47-04/2015-04-16-06-00-17/aquariums/brilliance-2/item/2923-54110bk I know that some are happy with Aquariums R us, but to me, the workmanship was too 'clunky' for my liking. For the price of the cabinet, I would expect the pine to be sanded smooth and the doors to be aligned. As it was, the display tank and cabinet on the right as you enter the store was not presented well. The tank was not clean and for a display unit, the cabinet doors were not straight and one door rested on its opposing door when shut. I mentioned this to the lady of the store and asked if I ordered, would the cabinet be more presentable, and she said You get what you get. That sort of put me off. Price isn't everything. So, Do you think I may be a bit harsh in my judgement ? Seems my choice so far is price or quality. Personally, I prefer quality, but would be open to a setup that is midway between the 2. Next friday, I will venture to the northside for a look. Any suggestions on where I should go ? Cheers !
  10. Thankyou so much for your advice johnbetta and billfish. I was thinking about 7 - 10 gourami in a 5 foot tank. Would that be too many ?
  11. Been thinking after visiting aquarium shops, that my plan to have Tetras and other small fish may not have the visual appeal I'm looking for... So another idea and one I should have had earlier as I have had these fish before many years ago. Should I instead feature a tank of Gouramies in my preferred tank size of 5 feet and add communal tetras, plattys, Corydora, Rasbora, Mollys ? Will this work and which varieties of Gouramies and others mentioned above should I avoid ? I don't want anything that grows over approx 15 cm. With 400L ( 105 Gal ) , how many fish would be optimal. The tank will be planted and left to establish before introducing fish. Anyone who knows anything about the above, please, please, please put down your thoughts and advice here .. Many thanks.
  12. I'm not looking for similis, but hello to you.
  13. I've always thought there is quite a cost difference between the 2 types. Never asked the question before. Please enlighten my knowlege. I would love to learn more.
  14. Hi. Welcome. I'm new here too and have found members to be helpful.
  15. Seems they are closed Mondays, so will have to be Friday instead.
  16. As I've had a few positives about Aquariums R us, I went through the individual prices they have published and discovered that by a bit of tweaking, I've ended up with a 5 foot tank instead of a 4 foot tank ( both with enclosed stand and hood ) for just $91 extra. 5 foot is the Goldilocks length for my space, with the tradeoff being 18 inches front to back instead of 24 inches and just 20 liters less in volume. I plan on going to the store at Meadowbrook on monday to get a close up look. Cheers !
  17. I did have a chat { via messenger } with Leila from Dennison a few days ago. Sent some pics and was going to let me know some prices , But that went cold. Not sure why.
  18. Thanks for the pic. Cuold you rate your experience out of 10 please. A. Pine cabinet quality. B. Tank workmanship. C. Sales experience and helpfulness of staff. Was it delivered and if so, what was the charge ? Thanks in advance !
  19. Been trawling the interwebs for my first serious tank. I've had smaller tanks in the past, but have found the tank enviroment difficult to keep stable. I'm thinking that if I get a larger tank, that would create an enviroment that will be less prone to sudden flutuations and hopefully result in happier fish. Can't seem to find much out there but I did find 2 options that may be OK, though I guess I would not know if a tank was OK if it bit me on the bum ! My budget is around $ 1.700 for the tank and wizz bang extras to keep it going. Will need a stand which is enclosed on the front and sides but not nessesary for the back. Length of tank to be approx 1200 - 1500mm ( longer will obstruct the lounge entry ) So the first possibility I found is at Aquariums R us. link --> http://www.aquariumsrus.com.au/dealsp.htm Scroll down to 48" x 24" x 24" Deluxe Deal The second option so far is on Ebay and located at Underwood . I can inspect before committing to buy. link --> https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/SUNSUN-Premium-Aquarium-with-Cabinet-100cm-120cm-150cm-180cm/312866225663?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=611588897774&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 .. 120 option. Would take 150 if it was available. Opinions appreciated. I figure that having seen the wonderful tanks shown here, the options I've found are probably not good. Cheers
  20. Thank-you for your answer. I did assume that the drinking water had chlorine added but I did not know about the Chloramine treatment. How about tank water. I have a 10,000 L tank fed by rainwater from my shed. Would that be OK after standing for a few days ?
  21. A question. If I filled a few buckets with tap water and left them for a week, would the water be ok for a part water change ?
  22. WOW ! For a newbie like me, that is awesomely serious. Nice setup.
  23. I've noticed it is very quiet here. I was hoping to find out lots of relevant information. Seems a lot of info hasn't been touched for up to 6 years. The Dog forum I was involved in used to be very lively , a lot of banter and good info kept us busy. But it too died off and we made the decision to shut it down 5 years ago. Still miss it. Made some good friends during my tenure there.
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