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  1. My other parameters are stable....no ammonia or nitrites. Nitrates 10. pH 7.5 yes there was a leaflet but I just didn’t get what each drop represented in terms of degrees. As my tank kH was 10 drops from blue to yellow, I wasn’t sure if that meant I was at 10 deg and wanted confirmation. So seeing as I want to only have a tropical Community, am I going to have to lower my gH in the tank?
  2. Hello, new to this forum. Just getting back into having an aquarium after a few years my tank is now fully cycled, still have not added fish. It’s a 130L and will be a planted community. I do have some plants and driftwood in already. I’m in need of understanding my kH and gH I have done the tests on both my tap and tank waters, but I don’t understand how to get the reading from the drops I’ve added to the vials. I of course did stop adding drops once the water in the vials changed colour. Tap water kH drops were 4 and gH drops were 5. Tank water kH drops were 10 and gH drops were 8. so, does each drop represent a degree? I plan on just having tetras, maybe dwarf neon rainbows, a couple Bristlenose Plecos, and would love some cherry shrimp, but still not 100% on that. Please advise what my tap and tank waters are
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