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  1. I don't have any current problems, I was just wondering how you guys do water changes, specifically adding new water. For one of my tanks, i use the siphon but in reverse to add water. the only problem is i have to raise the container above the tank so it would work. I was wondering if there was an easier way? pouring water in disturbs the gravel, or takes a long time, and its hard to hold a 15 litre water drum for long.
  2. Hi, I recently installed a light in my aquarium for my live plants, as they were looking wilted as they had not received much light. It illuminates the tank perfectly, however my fish (specifically my neon tetras) stop swimming and huddle as a school at the bottom, hovering 1 centimetre above. They do not get excited for food when the light is on, but go back to normal when i switch it off. Is this just because they aren't used to it yet? Also, the light has a setting for blue light, is this ok for fish at night? I heard it mimics moonlight.
  3. Hi, I know I've been posting a lot about concerns to do with my fish lately, but I think I'm finally relaxed. I was just wondering; I picked up this bottom feeder food the other day for my dwarf cichlid (german blue ram) because apparently they're more nutritious than flakes. She has been eating them, and I have also seen my neon tetras picking at them as well. Just asking if this food is alright for cichlids or is it mainly for cliche 'bottom feeders' like catfish?
  4. Nice. What fish are you going to have in it?
  5. as you can probably see, I have been making a bunch of post about my ram. Today I got the water re tested and have added the rest of the creatures! In these photos: -1x german blue ram (female) -8x neon tetras (how can you know what sex they are?) -2x Amazon Swords (live plants) -2x fake plants
  6. sorry about the bad quality of my photos! she has the shiny blue splotches, purple tail area and red eyes which i presume are normal for a ram. I am also soon adding some tetras. I have heard that the presence of schooling fish makes them less scared because it indicates no predators, but i cannot be sure of this. I can also attach this video of her that I put in my 'Hello' thread. fish.mp4
  7. Thanks a lot, that's really useful info! I'm not really sure about what is and isn't normal fish behaviour, but she looks fine to me. She doesn't really go all in for food like most fish, but i have observed her eating. It's probably because i'm using flakes instead of pellets, they get kind of blown around by the filter, and I think rams are bottom feeders. P.S. the store i go to and the one i purchased her from was petbarn, and the employees seem to know what they're talking about?
  8. thanks, im not really sure about most of those things because ive only had her three days. im going to the pet store tommorow to get the water tested and to ask further questions
  9. I know this is silly but i literally can't sleep stressing about this fish
  10. uh i can still see the stuff it is long and white and maving around in the current and as the fish swims. I managed to get a photo (sorry for bad quality)
  11. It's not black, it's kind of transparent. It also seems to fall out pretty easily and won't stay for more than 10 mins. I read on this site (https://cafishvet.com/2020/01/25/white-stringy-poop-in-fish/) that it's probably a 'faecal cast' but i don't really know what this means. I also don't really know what it's been eating as i only got it yesterday. I hope it's not a parasite 0_0.
  12. Hi, i just got my first fish yesterday. While i observe her, i noticed that she has long stringy faeces trailing behind her. I did some research, and as usual the sites contradicted each other. Some said the fish has constipation, and others said it was natural. I believe it might be stress from being in my tank for less than 48 hours, but I am not sure. Any ideas?
  13. yeah, i originally thought it was a bolivian but i'm pretty sure it's it german blue
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