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  1. I can pm you if you like. I'm new as well haha
  2. Okay, so if I can organise a day to come check it out. In the next couple of weeks. As I don't get to Brissy that often. Would that be okay ?. I am currently out In Roma for work and live on the coast near Fraiser island. A couple hours from Brisbane itself. How long are you looking on keeping it for the Bettas still alive ? I am in no hurry. But I am very interested. Very very interested. Lol
  3. Calcium deposits can be removed can't they ? And where would they be on? What surfaces. Light I wouldn't really care about. Maybe just a location of where you are at so I don't get my hopes up lol It does its job still though so repairs wouldn't be a problem. The system itself is fine?
  4. Hey, Can I get a few pictures? I was going to buy brand new through the pet store. But I have decided to make my own or buy second hand. Little fixing won't hurt me. What sorta price you looking for ?
  5. They change the board slot out here. No rain water tank. The kitchen Taps the only filters water. Buy I don't know if that helps. Bucketing tap water from the sink to a 200 ltr tank is effing hard hahaha What's an RO filter ?
  6. 200 litre tank. 4 ft or so if say. Not slot in it so mostly just water. There are 9 fish. 4 baby Oscars 4 juvinille Oscars And a good spot Pleco. Filtration is the one that came with the tank. It's a aqua one all in one. Do 40 % water change every 3-4 days. Then full vaccume on the 7th and a 50 - 75% water change. In the tank water I clean filters. Etc. The substrate. Some plants etc I just take out and replace. Or re organise lol asthetics.
  7. No holes anywhere. Do they suffer even without them ?
  8. Started an Oscar tank in March. 4 Oscars. Three have now passed and the original one is just going. I say just going because it seems he is on his way out to. I'm trying everything I can to keep him alive but after seeing some good results there is always bad ones few days later. Back story. First Oscar died in a fight with the other head honcho. Second died of what we suspected to be hole in the head. Was lathargic, line across side, not eating and scales lifting. Thrid one had to be euthenaised. As he was gasping for air on the bottom and had a cottony hole on the side of him. Our forth, well. He never grew much yet he was the first one we had bought. As soon as the first two left us he started to grow. Tanks a 6fter. All water checks were fine. Never over crowded. The only thing is. PH. Always over 7.6 as our town is on board water and as much as we treated it it would spike back up in a few hours. Or everytime we did water changes. He is pale, swims mostly at the top. No lesions or anything I can see. Doesn't eat yet his belly is a little bigger. After every change of water I have done. His orange Tiger stripes have popped. But still stayed pale. Definitely not himself. We have treated the water with a wide range antibacterial, stress coat and water ager. Again, all levels are fine except the PH. All other fish are fine. Absolutely nothing wrong with them. Please help. I'm willing to give more info if someone can direct me into finding out what's wrong. Hagrid is our baby! And he's fighting. Like we are to keep him alive.
  9. This type and from this site. Are for commercial buyers. Not public. I emailed them last week. Also said delivery costs were to high to be eligible. Unfortunately grrr
  10. Will I need an overflow tank or bucket if it's running more water than can handle ? Or will the drippers I can adjust be fine to contain it to the shelf itself.
  11. I think I'll have to read this a few times to get it. But thank you guys so much. If I want it to just drop down the back of the tank instead of using many pipes on angles. What type of backing do I need for the shelf ? I believe the commercial ones are malamine but laminated. Does this last very long? And if not what's better to use.
  12. Looking to make my own betta barracks with different size tanks on each shelf. I have no clue how or where to start and YouTube people make me feel so dumb. The store bought (as pictured) is the type I'm going for. First shelf I want nano betta tanks. Second shelf I want one long tank. Third shelf I would like a split tank with divider. Each shelf I know has different inside dimensions. I want the tanks on second and third shelf to be deeper. I understand the excess water system. Just not how the pump works, where I put it or how it works to reach top tiers. I want a full understanding of what I am doing to get the best result first time. I hate tweaking things or else I'll give up. Yes this means tonnes of research but everyone has made it seem so simple. I am daft as. Haha Any help would be appreciated. On where to find this system. So I only have to custom tank it. Or How to build it myself. Without frustrating failing efforts. Cheers.
  13. I'm not that smart in building things. But I really have it set in my mind what I want. Only thing I cannot wrap my head around is the plumbing part. I get the exit of water into the tanks but not the entry of water. How does water get up that high? If I am to have a three tier shelf. Larger tanks at the bottom and Betta tanks at the top. P.s as a newbie I'm finding it hard to navigate around the site. How do I find diy section? Haha
  14. Thank you so much. Hope your having a lovley day
  15. Looking for a betta display barracks to modify. Commercial sold ones do not sell to public and my local store cannot help me. Anyone have an unwanted setup? Or point me to where I can find one.. Similar to the picture Thanks
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