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  1. Thank you for the help! Any idea of the other egg sack things?
  2. Hi guys, a few “egg” looking clumps have turned up in my aquarium overnight, no idea what they are from or what the could be. Any identification or knowledge into what they are would be fantastic. in the tank is two ramshorn snails, neon tetras, two platy (M and F) and two corydoras. I have attached pictures for reference. thanks everyone, much appreciated! H
  3. Hey everyone, seeking a bit of advice on the whole algae bloom thing, I have a brown stringy algae that started off as a white see through sort of layer that covered everything in my tank, it’s now brown and is growing almost daily, I’m trying to do water changes, clean it out, it’s clogging my filter almost daily, I’ve taken out the driftwood and plants, still no change to it. Please help!
  4. Hi everyone, first post here, so a big hello to all!! Just wanting some help to identify this clear sack with tiny little dots through it, there’s about 4 or 5 of these scattered through my cherry shrimp tank! Many thanks in advance! H
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