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  1. Thanks, they definitely have a good selection. Do you have any clue how often plants come back into stock?
  2. I'm in the process of planning out my next tank, and hope to keep it entirely native. I'm struggling to find plants that would be considered 'midground' (e.g. an Australian equivalent to cryptocorynes?), would appreciate any advice. Only plants I'm set on currently are valisneria nana and hornwort. Also considered hygrophila and NT lace plant, but from what I've read hygro grows too quickly, and I haven't found any place that stocks NT lace plants.
  3. What plants did you have in the tank with them? I haven't been able to plant anything in my multi tank, they always uproot it or the plants just can't handle the pH
  4. I haven't been able to find much information about this topic. Would definitely appreciate any knowledge or experience from you guys, thanks.
  5. I'm thinking I'll start off with about 5, and let the colony grow larger from there. Much of the gobies at smiths aquarium didn't have the distinct colouring I've seen in pictures. Does this develop more with age? How can you sex them without the brighter colour of the males? What ratio of male to female would you recommend (to avoid too much fighting, and to avoid harassment of the females) Also, how do you think they'd fare in a high-ish flow tank? I'm hoping to keep some dwarf rainbows with them as well.
  6. Stumbled upon this type of sand in a different thread and thought it would be perfect for an upcoming tank. Curious to know if anyone knows where it could be purchased. Thank you
  7. Tempting, but 10 would likely be too many for the 30 gallon I was planning, plus there's no real way to choose what genders I'd be getting
  8. Okay thanks, Smiths is local-ish to me. Any idea if they have both males and females? Are they even sexually dimorphic when young? Sorry to bother, but really appreciate the help!
  9. In future I'd like to start a colony of these guys. Just testing the waters to see how viable that is, and if anyone around is selling them. Would love to know price ranges as well. Thank you.
  10. Hey, I've been other forums like Fishlore, but never realised there was a community just for QLD. Glad to have found you all, hope to have a good time, cheers
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