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  1. Thanks for your reply. I actually used to do 50% water changing weekly for the 65L tank I have, because I feel like its too small for those two. Thanks for your advise, I might have to watch the parameter and also calculate how much I should change now that its bigger tank, with same amount of fish as per your suggestion.
  2. Wanting some advise/tips on water changing process for almost 50 gallon new tank (for 2 fancy goldfish). Just upgraded my 15 gallon to 50 gallon and now I'm thinking what will be the easiest way to do water changes, because the tank 3x bigger than my old one and we used to for changes with buckets but I kind of think it will be a bit difficult now. Do you guys use like Phyton or Lee's ultimate gravel vac (I heard to create vacuum will waste tap water, can user give advise on this)? Or use a bigger buckets (but then how to lift/refill 50L water if doing 25% water change)? Is there a better way? Also now that the tank is much bigger for the two fancy goldfish, will I still do weekly 25% change or check water parameter first for first few weeks to see if I might be able to do fortnightly or so? I'm actually upgrading to make more room for the fish and also hoping for easier maintenance (because people said it will be easier with bigger tank), but then now think will it be even harder to maintain the tank. Any advise will be appreciated. Regards.
  3. Hi just wondering if you guys can help me determining which treatment is appropriate for bubble like cyst on fancy goldfish tails? Start with one fish, now both fish have them and the first fish that has it has split tail (broken tail) now.
  4. Thanks for everyone suggestions. The tank I have is 3x1.5 feet (to be exact I measured 915x465mm). Tim would you mind to send me a quote? Thanks in advance. The only thing I wasn’t sure about the metal racking from Bunnings is because I cant find the one with similar measurement, also have toddler at home and wasnt sure if the pre-made metal racking will be stable enough? Or should I go with wooden stand instead?
  5. Hi there, Is there any place in Brisbane or surrounding that sells or build steel/metal stand with reasonable price? I saw petworx in Victoria that sells them but I'm finding difficulties finding them in Brisbane Any help will be appreciated. Regards
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