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  1. I went to JC's place to get some Seiryu stones and some lava rock... Ended up buying a 3 tier 4ft rack as well - 5 2fters. Wondering what to put in it. I've also got a spare 4x2 just going to stain the stand again, but figure I'll put a tropheus colony in it or use it to grow up some fronnies. Any suggestions welcome.
  2. Is the substrate calcium carbonate? Looks like it, that would be why, it won't get any higher i wouldn't have thought.
  3. Alligator Gars are fantastic might be a bit hard to get though these days
  4. I like most of the gobbies - torpedo goby or really anything colourful in a big school
  5. Who doesn't love a friendly shark. I've always wanted to read fish keeper looses finger to shark? Joking... kind of
  6. If you put it back on the market let me know :).
  7. I've got a dalmatian, he is a pretty big fella 35 kgs. He can put his paws on my shoulder for belly rubs. Smart little thief, stubborn, headstrong but very friendly, affectionate and unlimited energy which isn't always a good thing :). Got my phone off the wireless charger on my bench this morning and brought it to me in bed, then he brought me the lead for a run.
  8. It is the bore water - very high pH and alot of minerals that shouldn't be with fish. Go RO and shouls fix. Basically everytime you are doing a water change your tank parameters are jumping greatly due to the fluctuations in your bore water - it is just nasty for fish.
  9. Hi johnbetta, I have 4 peppermint bristlenose that I've had for a few years. Looks to be 4 girls so I'll have to get myself a male for my new tank :).
  10. Hi - I've had fish tanks for the past 15 or so years. My puppy has been keeping me busy but he is slowly growing up, thought it was time for another tank. I love my tangs - fronnies and tropheus but only have planted tanks atm. Recently moved from interstate and am located on the northside.
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