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  1. So close! I did a decent job for around 90% of the tank but didn't apply enough to one of the bottom corners so I have to start all over again. Oh well, I learned some valuable lessons!
  2. Do I need to silicon the inner part of the reinforcement too or just the usual edges? I'll be shopping for the bits needed to re-silicon the tank this weekend, can't wait! PS. How long should I do a water test for and is about half full good enough?
  3. I notice that the bottom of the tank (on the inside) has glass plates around the bottom (reinforcement?) - is this common in a fish tank?
  4. Thanks all. I'm now looking at an Aquis (got to start somewhere) external filter. I'm not a fan of the hang on ones either now I look at them. Do I need to worry about a heater or a cooler living in FNQ? A lot of videos show them using acetone(?). I take it this is a no?
  5. I think it has so might be worth scraping away the silicon and resealing. I've seen a few videos so shouldn't be a major hassle.
  6. Hi all, My friend never got round to building his aquarium so after many years of wanting to do this, I agreed to take it of him. The tank is 120cm L x 44cm D x 60cm H (internal dimensions) so I estimate the water volume to be around 275 litres. I'm looking at the Fluval C4, would this be a good place to start and would I also need an air pump? These companies really make you hunt for the information! Would be nice if guides were based on tank size so you'd know what you should buy.
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