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  1. I have some dragon bloods 3-4cm, eureka red peacocks 5-6cm, couple of ob peacocks 3-4cm, 1 sunshine peacock 8cm and 1 red shoulder peacock 10cm.
  2. Hi, are you after jiviniles or adults?.
  3. Thanks mate, i will hit them up but i might of just got a hold of 10 girls.
  4. Has anyone got any Lwanda peacocks?. Ideally im chasing about 7 females but happy to buy juviniles and grow them out.
  5. Pretty quiet for a cichlid forum.....
  6. Realistcally anything. I will take juviniles from 4cm right up tp adults if the price is right and they are nice quality fish. What do you have?.
  7. I have 37 tanks and was breeding discus but now want to fill these tanks with african cichlids. Please pm me and let me know what you have and prices.
  8. Done deal mate. I cant pick them up until next Friday afternoon ir sunday tho. Is that ok?.
  9. Ok how much would you do the lot for?.
  10. How many electric blues do you have?.
  11. Hi, wanting to buy peacock cichlids. After any kind please pm me with what you have and prices.
  12. My mate has him now in an 8 x 2.5 x 2.5. Hes doing well and is being kept inline with some large true parrots.
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