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  1. Hi, sorry i dont have 20 left. Theres probly about 7 or 8 left.
  2. Yes they are nice fish. They have just started to show some breeding behaviour. A few of them are digging pits in the sand and exposing the glass to lay some eggs. There is also some jaw locking action going on which is also breeding behaviour signs.
  3. 5cm geophagus brachybrachus. About 20 of these available and they are $20.00 each. Come from a high quality bloodline. Pick-up from Rochedale South or can deliver local for a small fee.
  4. Hi mate, i have some brachybrachus here atm if you are still looking?.
  5. I have about 20 brachybrachus available if your interested, 4-5cm.
  6. 3-4cm jack dempsey cichlids. High quality jack dempsey cichlids. Already showing great colours. $4.00 each or 5 for $15.00. Pick up from Rochedale South ir can deliver local for a small fee. Any questions please contact me on 0417763869.
  7. Sorry mate, no shipping. It pick-up or local delivery only.
  8. Sorry mate i cant work it out. Just send me a text on 0417763869.
  9. Yeah mate no worries, sorry but im only new here and not sure how to pm you?.
  10. Red texas cichlids forsale. Farther is a super green texas and mother is a blood parrot. I have a few different sizes available and prices are as follows. 3cm $3.00ea. 4cm $4.00ea. 5-7cm are $5.00ea. Somef the larger ones are starting to show some good colour and just starting to peel. Pick up from Rochedale South or can deliver local for a small fee.
  11. 4-6cm brasiliensis, also known as the pearl cichlid. About 30-40 available and they come from a very good bloodline. $5.00ea or 10 for $40.00. Happy to do a deal on the lot if you are interested.
  12. No problem. If you want some let me know. There is 43 available atm.
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