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  1. Tank is now ready. Who wants to sell me some Frontosa?
  2. Thanks Lloyd. I get what you are saying. The colony is well mixed to start with. I am definately going to buy some of your fish.
  3. Thanks. I think I'll get some from Lloyd's next batch.
  4. Do you guys reccomend I get fish frontosa from multiple locations? I'm thinking it would be a good idea not to have closely related fish spawning together.
  5. Having a look for Ikola. . Seem to be as rare as rocking horse S#@t.
  6. Does anyone know if Fintastic Cichlids at Ormeau is still around?? I see lots of ads online but cannot seem to make contact.
  7. Thanks Jason. I'll definately be asking what seem to be silly questions. I'll be in contact. I believe the smart thing to do is learn from other peoples mistakes and experiences. All advice will be greatly appreciated. Filters. I have an FX6 full of Matrix . I also have a Aqua One 1250 full of matrix with a sunsun HW603 for mechanical pre filtering ready to go.. Might be overkill when the fish are young??
  8. Maybe I should stick with Burundi?? I find them to be the most attractive to look at.
  9. I have contacted Lloyd. He is ready to sell now and I'm still waiting for my tank to finish cycling.
  10. I have alot to learn. But determined to get it right.
  11. Thanks for the welcome.. I'm thinking Kingoma 7 Bar... Trying to find F1 if possible???
  12. Hi All. I’m in the Brisbane area. My new 6x2x2 set up is almost ready to go. I would love to stock it with some quality Frontosa with the end result being a nice breeding colony. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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