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  1. them rainbows look very similar to the ones I used to catch around northern nsw I think that population is a bit more colourful in the red in the tails though
  2. Probably just the wild guppies then have heard of feral populations of lots of stuff here in nsw like swordtails jack dempsie cichlids not keen on feral fish but know of any other outbreak populations
  3. Had a friend say he had female mosquito fish breed with male platies and they looked plain but had colourful tails. that was years ago all gone now. All gone now i hate mosquito fish everone always tell u they found guppys. Would love to KNow if u could hybridize and breed any different species hear the offspring are infertile
  4. hear you can cross livebearers eg mollies swordtails or mollie gambusia anyone had any ongoing breeding success. and any other cross breeding. Can tell sexes just wondering how to distinguish mollies from platies and swordtails.
  5. white, speckled 3cm plus call and leave a message (02) 66220174 bristlenose albino and plain also available enquire
  6. $7.50 bristlenose $5 for 4 or more mollies $5 each or 4 for $10 call (02) 66220174 leave message if unavailable
  7. bristlenoses $7.50 each or $5 for 4 or more 3-6cm also some plain fin mollies $4 each some select 4 for $10 email for contact details northern nsw
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