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  1. Make an offer, I have 2 of them and also a Driftwood catfish if you are interested.
  2. Thanks JB, Any recommendations as to what to put in there to get plenty of color etc....
  3. Thanks MFF, I am wanting to fill it with interesting colourful fish, not a big fan of Guppies...... What would you recommend? Just need to get rid of the JD'sand Driftwood 1st
  4. Thanks, Looking forward to getting know more people in the hobby
  5. Hello I have 2 Jack Dempsey for sale and also a Neon Blue Ram. I am wanting to change over to a communal tank and need to get rid of these before I do. Also have a Driftwood Catfish. Happy to take any offers as i have to get rid of these as soon as i can
  6. Hello All, I am new here and also new to the Hobby. I have a 6ft fresh water tropical set up. II set it up when i had a mate living with me and he was the one who looked after it etc, he has now moved on and I need some advice around care etc. He got me to put some Jack Dempsey's, Blue Rams, and DriftWood Catfish, However i am wanting to sell or swap these for more community style of fish. Look forward to talking to you....... Terry
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