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  1. Good idea. I might pre-drill and put a couple of bugle head screws in each corner offset to the nails just for piece of mind.
  2. My tank is not drilled for a sump. I have an open style tank stand and it will be in our living room so we will see whatever is under it. I might fit some curtains down the track. When you say tegular water change I wonder how frequently I'd have to do this vs having a canister filter with good substrate. Its not a huge job - I have a pump and run hose down to the canal but also not something i'd want to have to do every week. I was looking at an Eheim classic 350. It only has 620LPH flow rate which might be pushing it for approx 250L tank but they are supposed to be quiet and I thought it would be a happy medium if I can augment with some live rock in the tank. I would also appreciate some advice on what substrate might be good for putting in the tank. Originally I was going to just put sand in there until I learned why it is useful to support a colony of bacteria etc in the tank too to help with filtration. For the canister filter I was thinking about using pumice that I can collect from the beach around here. It floats though don't know if that is a problem.
  3. You are spot on mate. I just looked and I had not noticed the putty before. Do you think it is necessary to put another cross piece in the middle or just fiine to use it as is?
  4. Thanks. I might put some bracing it just for piece of mind. I'm quite surprised it is glued together. Bracing would only be supported by the timber running between the corner uprights which are glued on. I'm wondering whether to either screw these side pieces on at each corner, and/or add two more uprights halfway along so it has 6 legs.
  5. While I work out how to set up my larger tank, I thought I'd get the kids started with a small 10L tank. They catch small saltwater shrimp from our pontoon or maybe they are baby prawns I don't know. Also some little stripey zebra fish. Would i need some sort of filtration for a little tank like this? Perhaps also a little 25w heater?
  6. Hi. I have a stand that came with my tank. The tank was most recently used as a reptile tank. I find it hard to see how it could hold up to 250kg (4 foot tank) when full of water. The corner uprights would be supporting all of the weight. The rest of the stand is just glued together. The base of the tank is 10mm thick glass. I have never owned a fish tank or stand before but I wouldn't think it would be great to have this amount unsupported weight in the middle. Is this sort of stand design normal for a fish tank? Regardless of stand design, is it a good idea to put some plywood and/or foam under the tank? I have seen some pictures where people have styrofoam sheets under their tanks.
  7. Hi. I have a 4ft tank that was previously used for reptiles. I'm in the process of resealing it but will need to buy a filter and heater. I live by the Tweed River and my plan is to try keeping some common estuary species in a saltwater tank. I can replace some water regularly without much hassle. I was recommended to get something like an Aqua pro 1200 canister filter and a 300W heater to get me going. Have the inlet and outlet at opposite ends of the tank to get some flow. Can anyone confirm that this is the way to go? Anything else I should be ordering at the same time or other general advice?
  8. Excited to be getting my first aquarium. Was recently given a 4ft tank with stand and cover. Was used as a reptile tank and will need resealing but should be a good learning experience.
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