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  1. Thanks for looking out, I just had a look at the photos. I'm hoping for something more blue like what mick posted above.
  2. Thanks! Sorry for the late reply, I have to work out how to turn on email notifications. Do you know how to get in touch with him and is he selling F1? Cheers
  3. They are some good looking fish. I'm aiming for 3 males and 5-7 females. The tank is only 1000L so I don't think I can fit many more in there once they're fully grown.
  4. That first photo is exactly what I'm looking for, it's beautiful! What were you feeding them to get that colour? Do you remember who you got these from? Thanks @lloydashton @fishking knock, knock anyone home?
  5. Hi guys. I am looking to build a single species tank of high quality Moba Frontosa. Hoping to find the best breeders for these, if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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