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  1. I have a few 10cm yellow pigeons including pairs for sale Sunshine Coast. Send me a text 0429622141 and I'll send you pics Thanks Kim
  2. Hi Just getting back into the hobby. I live on the Sunshine Coast and will be interested when you come down. Can you provide pics. Do you have Neolamprologus brichardi? P nigripinnis? What type of Julies? Shellies?
  3. Hi Guys, Just getting back into the hobby after a break. I am keen to purchase some quality Tangs starting with Princess cichlids. Can any you help or provide a contact who may be able to help. I am also interested in Julies, Paracyprichromis nigripinnis, julidochromis spp, leptosoma sp and shellies. Thanks
  4. Hi Just getting back into Tangs after a break. Do you know anyone who has good Princess cichlids?

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