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  1. Hey everyone, A bit of an odd question, but here it goes. I am a researcher at James Cook University in Townsville studying how local adaptation influences responses to climate change in coral reef fish. I am looking to collect fish from southern reefs (i.e. Capricorn group around Rockhampton, Gladstone, Yeppon) on the Great Barrier Reef (GBR), as well as northern reefs if possible (reefs off the coast of northern Queensland). Specifically, I would be looking for approximately 100-120 adult spiny chromis to be collected over 3-4 different reefs (e.g. ~30-35 fish per reef). It has been difficult tracking down potential collectors for spiny chromis in these locations. Does anyone know of any potential collectors or aquariums that would be willing to collect spiny chromis from either northern or southern reefs along the GBR. Any help would be immensely appreciated, and great for science! I have been in touch with Cairns Marine, although they tend to just collect locally around Cairns. I have also been in touch with Moonson Aquatics, however, they do not collect fish from their Bundaberg location. Any additional recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you, Elliott Schmidt, M.Sc.
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