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  1. Hi Jason, I'm looking at a 6ft or 8ft tank. And I know there different kind of sumps?? Like a trickle tower thing or one that over flows different sections? Or like flow through maze set up? Do these matters or just do the same job? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, looking for help, I want to get a custom tank made. But also want to get a sump made up.(never used a sump filter before) So my question is, which type of sump filter is best. And how do I work out how big my sump should be for the tank? Thank you
  3. Was that from a acrylic shop or a tank shop?
  4. Hey guys, can I get some pros and cons on sump filters. Are they better for larger tanks? Currently run all canister filter but was looking at sumps you run. Can you run multiple tanks off 1 large sump? Thank you
  5. Thank you, ok ill try there, I didnt realise acrylic tanks were that rare. I've had no luck finding a shop for a 6-7ft tank
  6. Hey guys, any recommendations on business that make acrylic tanks Cheers
  7. Hey guys, I'm new here, saying hello and wanting to ask a question. Not sure if this the right area but arowanas?? Are they illegal to have or buy, because I'm having trouble finding one or breeders? TIA
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