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  1. I'm setting up a new rack in the garage finally, and decided on Dexion pallet racking - 2000KG i've sources some second hand Rack and Beams.. I'll be shorting the racks to fit 2ft wide tanks, and from what i've read, i'll be sitting some 25mm marine ply board on the beams to hold the tanks. But what do other do for bracing between the beams? I cant seem to find any Dexion Bracing to suit a 600mm rack width. Do others get custom made braces up? I was actually thinking of getting some 100x45 timber as cross beam and screwing and glueing the cross beams to the 25mm marine ply. The cross beam spacing would line up with the ends of the tank.. Any suggestions..
  2. Looking for L134’s and L046’s
  3. Currently have peppermints and L201’s
  4. Hi, new to the forum, used to keep L’s, now getting back into it. located in Melbourne. Chris
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