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  1. Hello all, I thought I would just drop a couple of pics of where my little project is at. Still got some fibre glassing to do, put a stand in for the water fall (not a brick!) and painting but it gives you an idea. I have a nice little corner for this to go in the lounge room with tree ferns, birds nest ferns etc. to give it that rainforest vibe. 20210720_131544.mp4
  2. Thank you for the replies everyone. I've exhausted the non-chain type local shops I'm afraid. Used to be 3, one old gentleman passed away and the others are...not so good for what I want. I will work my way through the options you've given me, thank you again. Qld Mick, I had a couple of lovely outdoor ponds a few years ago. They were pretty much self sufficient It was great! Now I want to try an experiment with nice indoor one I have with a little waterfall and I need to stock up again. I will send some pics through when I get it set up later this week. It's a bit of a cobbled together job so I have to get the levels sorted first.
  3. Hello all, Can anyone recommend an on-line store (family or Aust owned if possible) for guppies? I'm old enough to remember buying guppies for $1.20 so if I have to pay $7 I'd like the money to be local. Not looking for breed quality but I do want some top colour as they are for an indoor pond. Any suggestions/info appreciated. Michelle
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