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  1. Thanks JB very generous of you. However it will be a little while till we continue our journey with getting a bristlenose. I like the fish too much to keep going through them like we have. I want to make sure I have the tank as good as it can be for any future ones. Eliminate everything that could be affecting them and go from there. In regards to the fish food we are using for the other fish it’s a flake food called tetra mini tropical flakes.
  2. Thanks JB. I will keep trying to find what’s going on. Like most I need a good algae eater in the tank. So I will be replacing a few more basics like the wood and wafers and if that doesn’t work I don’t know what’s left apart from the sand. Our local fish shop has sand in their tanks as well.
  3. Hey John. We only use water that has been in the tank to clean the sponges. And we have sand that was recommended by the fish shop for our base. Which I washed quite a few times before we put in in the tank.
  4. The wafers are hikari sinking wafers and the water we use is town water that we treat with the above mentioned products. (Easy life, prime, stability and ph proper) we have also added some bio medium to the filter that is from the matrix brand. I’ve now removed the wood from the tank and will find another piece to add. If this fixes the issue I will post and let everyone know.
  5. Not blaming anyone billfish just trying to get the bottom of it. As the water parameters are fine and I’ve tested for copper, there are very few things left that it could be. From what I can gather the only two things I can eliminate now are the wood and the wafers we have used. Nothing else makes sense. The tech den has an excellent range of fish and are quite knowledgeable. Which is the reason why we have brought a lot of our products from them they are quite knowledgeable and very perplexed by our situation. One of the reasons I’m asking on here is because they don’t have a clue what it could be, as we have followed all their suggestions and it’s good to get a fresh perspective.
  6. Hey Laurie We got our wood from a place called the tech den in morayfield. It’s called Malaysian wood. I ran it through hot water for a while and soaked it for a several days emptying it out every two as it was leaching a brown substance. I was told this was normal something called tanner. I am beginning to think it’s the wood as when I have successfully had bristle in the past (not in this tank) I’ve used wood I found on the beach that I boiled and then soaked for a week. Had no problems then. Fish shop talked me out of doing it as they said I was probably lucky with the first bit of wood and certain wood could kill the bristlenoses. Our last bristle ate every bit of algae he could find in the tank and smashed a piece of zucchini I put in their for him. He didn’t appear bloated and died suddenly. Is this normal they get some sort of toxicity in their digestive track or would I also see bloating?
  7. Hey All thanks for your input out levels are: PH: 6.9 Ammo: 0.0 Nitrite 0.0 Nitrate 6 Temp is 25
  8. Tank we brought new. Gave it a wash out before we filled it and ran it for a few weeks to let it cycle before we put anything in there. The wood, plants, sand, and rocks all came from an aquarium shop. We washed or boiled everything before we put it in - except for the plants. We didn’t wash anything with any chemicals just water. We replaced the heater and thermometer recently just in case their was any issues.
  9. Hi All I was wondering if someone could help me solve a problem we are having with our 40l Aquaone tank. Every time we get a bristlenose regardless of where we buy it, it dies within 2 weeks. Our water parameters are fine. Checked them with a self testing kit and even payed one of our local stores to put it through one of their fancy machines. We have a sand substrate in the tank with a rock, plants and some wood. We have two gourami’s some tetras and some Harley Quinn’s. All the other fish have been fine. It’s only the bistlenose that keeps dying. The last one we feed zucchini and an algae wafer. The zucchini was washed cut and left in the tank for 12 hours. We have also tested the water for copper and there has been no detectable levels. The fish do not appear to be bloated when found dead and there is no sign of disease that we can see. When we got up it was alive and an hour later dead. The week before is died it showed no signs of lethargy or problems. This is common with everyone we have had. I’m beginning to feel like the tank is cursed or something. I’ve never had trouble keeping bristle nose fish before my last tank they used to breed without any effort. We do weekly water changes between 25 and 50 per cent. We use prime and stability along with easy life water conditioner and ph proper. Would really like to get to the bottom of this problem as it’s really starting to get to me.
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