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  1. Yeah I made sure to mention that do people don't think I'm silly enough yo think it's an exact science, just wanna give myself a fighting chance with a realistic setup. It's still got a few bn pleco in there and a jd that's in a segregated section until I can find something to do with him so tank is still going to be cycled just fine. I'll be going out on Friday to have a look around so will hopefully find what I'm after at my lfs. Thanks
  2. I could go the severum over the firemouth if it means less aggression then by the time I get the bigger tank could go some red head tapajos for that same sort of colouration as the firemouth. Should I stagger them when putting them in or put any in first or at bigger sizes? Thanks guys! Will take a look at what's around on the weekend
  3. So if i dropped the oscar and blue acara from list to narrow down the choices I could theoretically still stick with chocolate cichlid, gold saum, neon blue acara and maybe pick between the severum and firemouth (ellioti looks nice also but haven't seen any around) My water has either 7 or 7.4ph depending on the kit I use and my gh is mid range so water parameters from what I've read should work for all of those. I'm thinking I'll leave the geos for when I get the bigger tank.
  4. Hey guys I've got a 4x2x2 that I'm needing to start fresh with stocking after problems with aggression from a jack dempsey. I prefer american cichlids and was hoping to get ideas for what could be stocked together in that size and last until I get my planned 6 foot tank next year. Some fish I like for reference are oscars, chocolate cichlid, severum, gold saum, blue and neon blue acara, firemouth and red head geos. I wouldn't put all these together but listing them for a reference point. Tank currently has driftwood, rock and some ornaments and some java fern and anubias tied to the drift wood. Water from tap and in tank sits at 7.4ph and its filtered by a sponge and also an eheim 2217 with plans to get an fx6. Any ideas are welcome!
  5. Hey guys just wanted to put an update on here. Heintz.g was spot on, th j.d actually was the one to snap and relentlessly chased the others. I separated the j.d when I could after work buy It was too late and the g.t and oscar after showing signs of heavy breathing and stress didn't make it. This time I'm doing more reading od my own through qldaf and monster fish keepers as well to decide on a more suitable tank stocking and get rid of the j.d as I'm not looking to have just one lone fish. I'll be making a separate post to hopefully get some good information ontop of what I've learned on this post. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for that mate, they look awesome! I do also have the suitable hikari sinking pellets for the bristlenose and will look at veggies as well. I do like the idea of them cleaning up some of the algae and mess in the tank though.
  7. Thanks for your honest input mate. As I said I'm pretty new to it but starting to realise shops aren't always as knowledgeable as one would hope. From what people have said on a couple posts now the oscar seems to be the biggest potential problem? Would the bristlenose be more likely to survive the others?
  8. Thanks guys, do the Gold spot continue to sick up waste and algae like the bristlenose do? I've been told some stop doing it at a certain age.
  9. Thanks for the info mate. I never actually planned on getting an oscar but was told at the shop it'll be a good match for the j.d. I've got plenty of hiding spaces and blocked the line of sight to both ends of the tank. I'll keep an eye out though to see if they start getting harassed.
  10. Hey guys pretty new to fishkeeping so wanted to get your opinion on the fish I've chosen after talking to a few shops and members. It's a 4x2x2 and I've currently got a jack dempsey, tiger oscar, green terror and 4 bristlenose (all fish are juvenile maybe 2inch at most) Do these fish seem OK for that size tank for now? Thanks in advance
  11. Hi guys I picked up a 2nd hand 4x2x2 which came with an eheim 2217 and I've also added the larger aqua one sponge filter to the tank as well. It's currently stock with all juvenile jack dempsey, firemouth and 4 bristlenose pleco. From what I've read the 2217 canister filter alone won't be enough for this tank once they grow so I'm looking at options and have narrowed it down to the fx4 or the ultramax 2000 but can't find as much info on the aqauel canister filter. Has anyone used one and can give some feedback? Attached is a link for the filter I'm talking. https://www.thetechden.com.au/products/aquael-ultramax-2000-canister-filter Thanks
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