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  1. Anyone local to Caboolture got any display males African cichlids available
  2. @QldMick okay mate thank you heaps, Will look into those three plants
  3. Has anyone had any luck keeping Africans with live plants... heard of them up rooting them etc... I've also heard and read so e plants are okay like Java fern and anubias plants etc
  4. Good quality nice looking juvis, my biggest one is 5cm atm lol @JB
  5. Can I see everyone's hard scape ideas... doing my own hardscape with seriyu rock... gonna try and make some type of stacking rocks/ arch way... Ideas please and advice Cheers
  6. placidochromis jalo reef x3 Electric yellows x4 All juveniles First pic is dad of jalo reef Msg for further details
  7. Hey mate... can you msg me or send your email or number through, Cheers Luke
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