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  1. That awesome to here @phill1080 I've never used bio home, we've always used cheaper materials. Rummynose Tetra are a favourite of mine if a schooling fish!
  2. @billfish what types are you looking for mate?
  3. Very fair prices @johnbetta good luck selling your little endlers
  4. @raycam01_au This is wicked dude! I'm super inspired by this!
  5. hahaha, how do we get accepted to receive this secret information!
  6. How awesome is this! Its looking amazing!
  7. Yeah right, that makes sense. I just wanted to sound important and have a title... Haha!
  8. Ahh, so we have subsume to lower level forum peasants, never to gain such titles of importance!
  9. Do you want to aquire a breeding pair of apistogramma cacatuoides? We can maybe settle this outside the auctigon
  10. Hahaha, cheers @JB & @billfish I'll go shatter some dreams! Appreciate you lads for clearing this up for us!
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