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  2. good to see there breeding again second time making 6 mouthfulls attempts already lol shouldnt be much probs gettin fry out n about in next 12 mnths lol
  3. ikola seem to b comin along nicely m8 good to see
  4. the second males is mr pudgy hes the alpha haha enjoy the pics boys n girls while tims got em ull see alot of em im sure lol
  5. and the rostos ??? i woulda taken em back chris lol
  6. just a further north version m8 the red bellies are colleceted top of aus the others southern asia lol same fish diff part of the lake ( so to speak) i highly doubt any shops would mistakingly sell pirahana n pacu for a mentis price lol or out of a tank on display even for that matter ... thats back door type stuff
  7. got about 80 kits in tumblers atm m8 tell em to sort it out lol . good to see your not strippin em yet though m8 , very healthy up bringing your givin em look well fed to lol
  8. still my favvvvorite m8 , are u sellin to me yet lol that males lookin awsome
  9. love the rock m8 did u get it blessed for good healthy fish grow and well being
  10. any foam box is fine for shipping with aae . they told me one day even a cardboard one as long as im happy to send em like that brocoli boxes work real well for small loads , i get mine from coles
  11. lol they exist but to call em true peps is an insult mayswell call blood parrot true red devil . they are a hybrd of common lf over sf orange then put over a pep . to call em worth something is a joke and to try reproduce is even funnier ots like a fh will only happen once . mayb twice if your lucky gens are no good for continuation of stock
  12. start breeding at 6cm (1.5-2years) , 20-30 ha biggest i ever got from T's was 19 (dubousi 14-15cm as big &old as they get) , as for removing your females to a nursery tank good luck adding them back to the colony u will probly loose her as she will have lost her hiracky and will be bashed by other girls and most probly boy love to see all the experience on here , good work on the breeding T's m8 keep it up they are very cool fish
  13. electric whites $669ea @3-4cm haha , or white morph electric yellow bit more expensive than common lol come on weve all seen em id say your fish is a mbuna m8 or xbred yellow with mbuna (see the black masking on the face) ,,,,,, oh and ricksfish there are different morphs of yellow but no white or blue ones m8 , blue ones have black bars and are called chismule
  14. would have to say buy em if u like em i wouldnt how ever call them a tropheus !! do u call flower horns midas or trimac ?? NO they are a flowerhorn (hybred) ! and as far as breeding goes well u never get the same fish twice if its been hybred my advise is buy some real tropheus if u want T,s as hybreds usually have **** gene pool and will experience more problems ps . Kasanga are B.E.A utifull <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  15. fish come on fri now :) :) clear your box :)

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