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  1. Thanks mate I did google but the links for it have expired
  2. Hi all been a while away from the game hoping someone can help I remember back a while a guy on here Greenterra (Brenton Smith) had made a tank but cant find the thread wondering if anyone can help or if Greenterra is still around want to make one thank you
  3. hello there im wondering do you have the 2 footers and the cannister still for sale im in desperate need of good filtration thanks for your time Tracey from Wurtulla

  4. Ill take the tanks cannisters and rocks if still available

    Shelley - 0478165711

  5. Is there any forums such as this in nsw my brother in law wants to sell his 5ft aqua one setup before he moves up here any help would be appreciated cheers
  6. thanks very much for the info crimson tide where would you get molluscs shells from that would be safe for tank use and what are marble chips and wheres there availability cheers
  7. what sort of soil do you use mthom and whats proporgating sand sorry for so many qs just new to sand and want to know as much as possible.
  8. next qurestion is where do i get dino dung from and is it expensive
  9. what sort of sand do you guys use and keegan what lighting ferts do you use thanks
  10. wow bidkev that looks awesome what sort of lighting are you using ??? cheers mate
  11. Hello all will plants like amazon swords grow in sand or do you need proper substrate based to grow successfully cheers for your help
  12. thanks mat elect ruzty and cav for your suggestions sounds like washing it will be fun but worth the effort have a great guys
  13. thanks for your help guys got some awesome leads appreciate everyones help have a great day
  14. cheers for your help guys there are some awesome helpful people round here thanks
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