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  1. This is cool! Will we have a chat page?
  2. I feed reef roids, polyplab polypbooster and marine snow about 3 times a week
  3. Plenty of Frontosa variants around... it's the lack of people being able to breed them that is the issue Plus takes a while for them to mature and get breeding
  4. It's doing great things for businesses, lots of people out there buying dinner/snacks etc. in small local businesses while they're out I don't play it but went out last night with friends who were trying to catch some pokemon and it's a great idea to get people outdoors and discovering places in their local area But as always, there will be people whinging and complaining about things no matter what
  5. haha yeah I suck with updates... Basically - going with a bigger tank now 3ft AR300 with a sump so I have a bit more room for eqiupment Moving my auto top off, media reactors and dosing pump over Got a new Maxspect razor 420R 3ft light with upgraded 15K LEDs and wide angle lenses but I think I'll upgrade to radion XR30s down the track along with a vectra sump pump so it's all controllable Haelia 500 chiller Bubble Magus skimmer Vortech MP40QD which is awesome!!! And a heap of carib sea look-alike reef rock Right now the tank is full of my freshwater tangs haha but once they're gone... I'll start setting up and moving things over from the RSM130D
  6. Damn could've shown you my fish room before I shut it down this year! Most people are too secretive, I find it hilarious when they don't want to reveal a "rare" fish when they're not even rare sometimes haha
  7. Exactly, nobody wants to buy inefficient cars anymore...
  8. I use coral sand mixed with bunnings play sand since coral sand isnt fine enough for sandsifters
  9. Got to a place called ID Trading in Brendale This is my pallet racking stand, custom made 3ft wide Each level is capable of holding 2000kg apparently I have about 1100kg of water + the weight of two tanks per shelf (old picture)
  10. Best would be to add some buffers and salts
  11. For lights - I just have breeding tanks so I don't have any lights, but I'm sure a nice T5 bulb would look great or even LEDs Water sounds perfect, if anything maybe increase those values a tad, pH to 8.4 and kH and gH to 12-14 Filtration - I prefer sumps 8-10 callochromis pleurospilus 10 ophthalmotilapia ventralis 10-12 cyprichromis leptosoma 6 variablechromis moori 10 paracyprichromis nigripinnis 6 neolamprologus similis
  12. Pretty much everything else I said in my first post haha fish for the sand - sandsifter or two fish for the mid water like ventralis fish for the top/open water - cyprichromis leptosoma rocky area - nigripinnis and V. Moori shells - a shell dweller like similis
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