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  1. Hey Mick, Thats an awesome price for a trio!! 10+yrs ago i was paying $300 per trio!! I'll have a chat with my wife when i get home in the morning and see if she would like them She already has a tank of 11 peps and does want to breed them. Thanks Tim
  2. Hi Tegan, How is your Oscar fairing now its been a few months?
  3. Cleaned Oscar's tank and found Bristlenose babies hahaha.. Oscar is soo placid now that the BN's feel comfortable breeding!! Also the guppies have bred aswell.... He is such a sook now.. Sorry about the quality... was cleaning and have stirred up the water.
  4. Pics or it didn't happen hahaha But seriously hope this seller is for real!
  5. Hi, I have a 3000L/h in my 6x2.5x2 (for circulation) and a I think a 1000L/h in my 4ft for my Oscar. My experience is fish at first get blown around by it but they adapt & its like an exercise for them to swim against the current. They actually enjoy it Tim
  6. Haha yeah they do but I was determined... didn't want just 1 fish in a 4ft tank
  7. Hi All, Ive had my pond running for nearly 2.5yrs using a 9lt bucket modified to be a sand and ceramic ring filter cannister. Did it on the cheap. Last week I noticed the water level was down further that is should have been and found my bucket had started leaking.. it is after all, just a bucket... not a pressure cannister. So i decided to not be soo cheap and buy a proper cannister. So I got one from the big green shed haha Had to do some mods as its above my water level and don't want it to syphon back once the power is switched off. So put the check valve from my bucket to the new one and set up the outlets and the backflush outlet. So I removed the sponges from inside this behemoth and put in my cycled ceramic ring bags. Installed it behind the waterfall... which ive now found is deteriorating... but that's another job for another time haha.. Up and running, water is a bit cloudy as I also topped it up but should clear soon enough. 20201204_120212.mp4
  8. So I've had this Oscar - named Oscar by my kidlets - for 3yrs now & is 30cm+, so fully grown. Oscar did have an Albino Flame Oscar (Flame) as a tank mate from when they were tiny little fellas. They loved smashing feeder gudgeon, crays and the occasional feeder goldfish. Then one day I came home from work and Oscar had beaten the flame almost to death.. they had lived happily together for just over 2yrs. I humanely uthenised Flame 3days later as it was clear he wouldn't recover. So ever since then I had been trying to find suitable tank mates for Oscar. I lost a few including a Pakistani Loach, but with persistence, he now has tank mates, 5x Bristlenose, Blue Eye Child, Pakistani & Clown Loach Even when the Tiger Endlers (that live in the sump) get sucked into the main tank, they can live without fear of getting eaten haha. Female Endlers Male Endler Sump Blue Eye - was supposed to be food but became Oscars 1st friend since Flame Both the Clown & Pakistani Loaches come out at dinner time - im working on making glass logs so I can see them better hahaha.. but that's on the long list of things I want to do.. They still hide but do come out at dinner time Just goes to show that some fish can be retrained and still enjoy a happy life, just because they are supposed to be "ferocious monsters", doesn't mean they always have to be Thanks for viewing, Tim
  9. Hi all, I have an abundance of Ramshorn snails. 5mm diameter - 50cents each or $10 for as many as your heart desires they are great Loach food and tank cleaners Pickup is Redbank Plains, 4301.
  10. Yeah the teeth aren't a problem, its more the bite force and surprise because you aren't expecting it haha. The teeth kinda graze, not skin breaking. She is camera shy and this is a cropped video of her finally taking the peas Movie_1.mp4
  11. Hi @Grover65k She is very placid most of the time she does get her knickers in a twist but normally at people or if I'm taking too long to do a tank clean haha. She has a friendly personality and isn't phased by the 3 plecos or hordes of Bristlenose. She was 1 of 15 babies (from one of your favourite shops at Darren, I still refer to it as the same name as you do ) & she was hiding behind the filter, so I figured she would make a good community fish She eats Pea's, Zuchinni, Hikari Wafers, Sera Flora Flake. I can hand feed her which is awesome... she's only bitten me twice and one of my kidlets once haha.. but that's because we got distracted and didn't drop the food and she decided to take it from our fingers I can imagine moving your lot would be exhausting!! I've moved Bella, her friends and tank set-up 3x now (bought my current house so I dont plan on moving again!!) And its 6-8hrs and a minimum of 3 adults (her tank is 168kg of glass & she travels in a 120L esky) to move her.. so I have an understanding how yours would go!! I did have the opportunity probably 7yrs ago to buy a Redtail GG but I simply didn't have room to grow it out.. if I had a pool to convert, I would have haha. Thanks Tim
  12. Cut down your feeding. any excess food will contribute to algae. Direct sunlight doesnt help either. I run my lights for 5hrs per day. Photosynthises starts to occur after 5hrs. you will always get some algae, thats part of fish keeping. you can use Britlsenose catfish or Algae eaters like snails etc, to help reduce it.
  13. Hey Mate, These screw onto most pond pumps. they are probs your best bet to reduce fry getting sucked into the filter. this is a bunnings one but you can buy them from other places. the sponge slides off the centre pipe for easy cleaning aswell.
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