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  1. I went to the last QFAS auction in November last year.. hadnt been in nearly 10yrs.. only went for 3 or so hours which was good, last one id previously went too lasted over 9hrs haha.. im aiming to head to more austions this year if they are allowed to have them again.
  2. I have bumped my Oscar tank temp up too 29*C as on a very cold morning, it was down to 22*C. My Oscar wasnt happy... but now he likes the warmer temp :-)
  3. I only recharge my purigen every couple of months haha.. im a bit slack like that. are you cleaning the media in the sump? i would suggest only changing the Filter Wool each change. i have a 4ft sump and only cleaned it for the first time after 8yrs of running.. but only 1 chamber per fortnight and didnt clean the rest of the tank as to not shock the system. couldy water can be from over feeding aswell. If you can get ahold of pure bred Englers or guppies, they will be better than mass bred "Fancy" males lol. Put a Wanted to Buy (WTB) add in the Livestock section and im sure you will find some. https://www.qldaf.com/forum/94-qldaf-other-fish-trader-classifieds/
  4. With guppies it can be hit or miss. I bought 10 "fancy" males and they lasted 3-4months before all were dead.. but ive had Endlers (M&F) for 9yrs, ive only added new blood to them once probably year or so ago. some guppies are imbred soo much they just dont last. Bristlenose "suckle" food, so they can leave a skeleton behind. Is your tank getting direct sunlight? ive had some turn a "milky" colour and put it down to UV rays. You could try removing the pipe and using an aquarium safe pipe cleaner, if it doesnt clear it, then you know its the plastic material that has changed. If your water tests are fine, then dont stress out over it. Also remember Carbon has a lifespan and once reached, it will become bad for your tanks - normal change is 3months i think??. Look up Purigen, its more expensive but it lasts alot longer and you can clean it which recharges it. might be worth investing in - it will also remove Tenons leached out from driftwood. This site has alot of members with amazing amounts of experience, so hope you enjoy this addictive hobby
  5. Hey Dude, 1st - nice tank. I keep Gourami - i have a Big Pink GG, a gold spot (normal) and 2x honey dwarfs. I also have Cherryshrimp but keep them only with Endlers and BN's. Endlers dont eat them - other guppies do. My GG is a vegetarian & isnt bothered by other tank mates, but Gouramis are clasified as Omnivors - it depends on the species if they will eat other fish/fry or shrimp, but if you have sufficient hiding spots in logs/plants/etc, they should survive and breed.
  6. I have 2 setups that run sumps, my 6ft system (6'x2.5'x2' & 2x 2'x1'x15" plus 4x18"x18 sump) has a 200w & a 300w heater and both set at 28*C (from memory haha). during the coldest day in winter (-5* in ipswich), my tanks stayed around the 22*C mark. I use to add a Jager 300w (the 2ft long jobbies) heater to boost the temps up in winter (removed once winter was over) until i put the 200w heater in the sump. My 4ft setup, has a 250w heater set at 26*C, it was only setup with the sump in September last year, so will see how it goes this winter :-) Edit: my heaters stay in and on all year round, they only come on when needed. Some #tankporn for you all ;-)
  7. 2'x1'x15" Display Sump on a 4ft. Have Tiger Endlers, Yellow Cherries, a BN and some Rams Horns living in there. Java fern and a Moss Ball.
  8. Hahahaha.... i finally had to clean my sump... after 9yrs of running due to blocking of the media... i bagged all of the matrix this time round hahaha
  9. Hey all, This started off as an Aqua One 4x15x18 tank package from petbarn. Typical poorly fitting lids and MDF stand.. had 2x Oscars and an Ellioti. Oscars would splash water out through the lid gaps and the MDF stand swelled soo bad & the internal filter (i didnt use their stupid Hang On filter...) wasnt keeping up with the Oscars' mess. Some of the older members might remember i used to build steel stands back in the day haha. So i built a new stand and decided to sump this tanka aswell. I ordered new proper fitting lids and a 2'x1'x15" tank. I cut up the old lids into the sump baffles. Drilled the tank... it had been a few years and when screwing the drain pipe work together, i thought i could get 1 more turn... that gut wrenching sound of glass cracking... used some more left over glass and patched it.. need to remember to be careful with side load on glass haha. Decided to use the sump as a guppie tank. There is Tiger Endlers, a BN, yellow cherry shrimp and some rams horns. They can move between the 2 sections freely and keep it nice and clean. Oscars as most would know are moody.. i came home from work one day to find the Tiger had beaten the Albino Flame near to death after growing up together for 18months.. it didnt survive.. shame as it was a very pretty fish. The Ellioti has also moved to the heavens.. But a Blue Eye that was supposed to be a meal is now the Tiger's friend... go figure..??
  10. My pond. 2yrs old. 480L tub with a DIY filter behind the waterfall. 11w UV Light inline keeps the water crystal clear
  11. Update: Bella is doing very well :-) The redness has almost gone. Thank you to everyone for the help :-)
  12. Todays water test showed 0 ammonia. The sump has adjusted to the extra load. Also doing just a water change of approx 200L or so :-)
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