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  1. Sorry for the late reply. Id just get a sheet of 10mm foam (most local fish shops sell it) and place it on the stand. Look over the stand to makesure its sturdy, no rotten wood (feet often can start to deteriorate), no loose joints, etc. If the stand is ok then I'd use it
  2. You'll most probably find the pine is glues and nailed together and then putty over the holes. They will be fine nails with a rectangular head. Small patch, slightly different colour to the wood would be the putty. This is a standard open pine stand. Once you go to 6ft+ tanks, then they use 6 legs or more. 10mm Styrofoam sheet under the tank will help the tank. Tanks don't bow if made correctly. I've made a 10ft long, 2ft wide stand with just 4 legs. I used 100x50x3mm steel for the long spans. No issues
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. Still plenty left get in before it sells and my goldies eat it all
  5. Update: - Only 5 Adult Females - 1x Albino, 4x Normal left. - 13 Adult Males - 8x Albino, 5x Normal So im going to stop Standard Trios (M/F/F) & just Female sales. Im still doing Pairs and Reverse Trios (M/M/F). Still plenty of Sub-Adults and Fry Edited main post aswell. Thanks Tim
  6. Hey John, Its a great plant. My guppies eat it aswell. Like I said in the orig post, my goldies normally would smash it. I get it from my father in-law as his goldies dont eat it. But this time they havent and its growing really fast and crowding the top of the pond haha. I dont do anything to grow it, its outdoors so only gets the shaded sunlight. Thanks Tim
  7. Removed Longfins from sale as they sold really quickly! Some more of my adults. 1st and 3rd pic are of one of my big boys
  8. My goldfish have either stopped eating the Frog Bit or the recent weather conditions have made it grow very fast - Large plants are $1ea - Smaller ones cheaper - Deals on Bulk buys I have a recovery pond (once the goldies eat the leaves off the plant, it goes here to regrow ) that is getting crowded, they arent as vibrant green or as big as the others so I will do a small snack bag full for $10. Pickup from Redbank Plains, 4301. Can Express Post for extra $$. Thanks Tim
  9. Hi all, I have an over abundance of Bristlenose The pics are just of my 6ft tank, I have them breeding in all of my tanks... Pricing is for Albino & Normal 3cm Shortfins $5ea. Sub Adult Shortfins 5-7cm $10ea Adult Shortfins $20ea Pairs (M & F) $35 Reverse Trio (M/M/F) $50 *No standard trio's (M/F/F) or just adult females sales* Pickup is Redbank Plains, 4301. Can deliver for extra $$ depending on location. Thanks Tim
  10. I dont feed any of my fish on a Saturday, so they go from Friday afternoon until Sunday afternoon and no problems. Nope, sorry.
  11. Hey dude, I have some and im taking the mrs away for the weekend to Maroochydore on the 9th April. I know its a while away but can bring up 2x adult males (Normal or Albino) with me. $40 for the 2. Let me know Thanks Tim
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