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  1. Update: Bella is doing very well :-) The redness has almost gone. Thank you to everyone for the help :-)
  2. Todays water test showed 0 ammonia. The sump has adjusted to the extra load. Also doing just a water change of approx 200L or so :-)
  3. I shut down and sold a tank over the weekend and the 30+ BN's and atleast as many guppies went into this system. So id say the 0.25ppm ammonia is because of the sump adjusting to the extra load. Im not feeding any extra and am doing water checks daily to keep an eye on it. I will do the extra water changes :-)
  4. Are you talking just a water change or clean aswell? It takes me 1-1.5hrs to do a water change and clean on this tank. I went to AOA today and bought a new API Master test kit. Mine is 10yrs old and im not trusting it.. New one showed 0.25ppm of Amonia in the water.. nothing to worry about. I also bought some API Stress Coat to help with the healing of the burn. After the water test, i did a full tank dose of Stress Coat. Before the dosing, her redness has eased :-) hoping the aloe vera will help aswell :-)
  5. I would if i had time.. but i have a 4'x18"x18" sump with 22L of Matrix, plus a ton of other media... its more then enough to handle her load.
  6. That makes more sense. Thank you Aquaholic for your help :-) ill keep this post updated.
  7. ok ill hold off on the worming. have no idea why this happened?? ive never had any trouble besides a bout of white spot 3.5yrs ago... she was more sick and distressed with that then she is now... she is eating and acting normal. all tests are normal.. cant explain where the spike came from and why it only effected her??
  8. I was cleaning my tanks today and this guy let me pat him (not sure on sex) :-) Ive had him 5.5yrs old and 35cm in length. Ive had him since he was 5cm :-)
  9. Did a waterchange today. Also removed my purigen for cleaning... might do my yearly worming while the purigen is out :-)
  10. Thanks aquaholic, i only use Prime with water changes and she gets a 35-40% water change every fortnight. Ive done a waterchange since the blotching appeared and have tested the water with zero ammonia present.
  11. Will it heal or do i need to do something?
  12. Forgot to add last night: None of her tank mates are sick or look distressed, she is happily swimming around and eating as normal. My Bristlenose are even breeding in her tank.
  13. Hi All, Ive had my pink GG Bella for just over 7yrs. Ive owned her since 3months old. She has developed red blotching about 3weeks ago. It's seems to be getting darker. Its mostly around her face/lump & gill plates, with some of the scales bases aswell. Google hasnt really helped me identifying it. Im hoping someone here can help? Thanks Tim
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