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  1. If you are going to do it, Keep a real close eye on them. I had a female fighter in with my guppies. Everything was fine for weeks, no signs of her chasing them or the guppies stressing. One night I walked into the room the guppies were swimming around the top. The female was at the bottom. All of a sudden she shot up like a lightning bolt and smashed my fantail guppy. Made him look like a retarded endler :irked:
  2. Hi James, welcome aboard as a sponsor. Does this mean next time I'm in and I mention the forum, I get an extra 10% discount off the great prices ya already share. Hopefully be in soon for that setup, one of my girls just popped out 60+ babies for me yesterday Talk to you soon. Kelly
  3. Thanks for the offer frinkie, I'll keep that in mind. All seems to be going well atm with the extra air. Parents live just round the corner from you at Taigum so if I head up that way anytime soon I'll b sure to drop ya a line.
  4. Thanks for the help Pony Tail, I just got online and read it. I had already isolated her, and she was still hanging on just before I jumped online but unfortunately in the short time it took me to read your post she met her maker. I had gone to LFS this morning and he suggested the same thing with adding more air. So I have set up an air stone in tank as well, fingers crossed the rest are ok. I also found another one belly up this morning but he wasnt showing any signs of being sick. I will also look into getting some Myxazin.
  5. Update : Her gills are hardly moving, I'd say she's bout ready to give up the ghost, was kinda hoping somebody on here would be able to give me some help to prevent it but I'm afraid it could be too late. Still any advice would be muchly appreciated.
  6. I have female guppy that is 24 days since having 52 fry, so should be due to drop again soon. She looks gravid but it is harder to tell this time as I have been feeding her colour flakes and her tail has blackened up dark. Anyway my problem with her now is she hasn't eaten for 2 days that I have noticed. She has been keeping to herself for the 3 days which she does for up to a week before having her fry, but today she just sits on top of some floating plants I have in there for coverage for fry. If she is moved away from these plants, she seems to have trouble staying upright, she starts to sink from the tail and fights to get back up straight again. She ends up facing towards the sky. Any ideas please?
  7. Big Mama is 5cms. Put some pics on as soon as I find usb cable to download off camera. I put it away so I wouldnt lose it
  8. My "Big Mama" who I purchased on 19th Sept very heavily pregnant, had 20 littlies on the 20th Sept. I was overjoyed. But that feeling was definitely surpassed today when right before my eyes she popped out 52 littlies today. This girl I have been worried about the last week displaying some very strange behaviour. But I reckon I'd display the same strange behaviour if I was carrying 52 wrigglers :laugh:. She definitely showed up "Little Mama" who had 6 littlies 2 days ago. What a showoff!!! As I'm new to this fun hobby I'm happy to be a grandma. Sorry just couldn't help myself just had to share.
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