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  3. 3 of my 5 tanks were made by aquariums'rús & apart from some messy silicon they seem to be good tanks. one 4' is over 10years old... the other 2 are about 6years old. never had a leak or cut myself on sharp glass. however if i was looking to but a new tank i'd look elsewhere... i'd rather spend a bit more & get quality. i am still a bit suss on my 8'tanks stand... it seems a bit flimsy to be supporting so much weight.
  4. wow i only just read this thread & i did massive (~90%) water changes on 2 of my tanks last weekend with no problems. just treated the water with prime as i normally do. i always do water tests after i've done my water changes & i have a spare test tube that i use to test the tap water for nitrates as well... although this is more just to see if my test chemicals are still good coz the tap water test has ALWAYS come up as zero to very low nitrates. sorry to hear about your fish loss clayton31
  5. when i had new driftwood in my 8' tank n it was leaking lots of tannins into the water i put a bag of activated charcoal into the sump & changed it for new charcoal every 2 weeks for about 8weeks. the charcoal leached a lot of the tannins out of the water but not all... the water is still a bit yellowish. i might give some purigen a go too... but it is very expensive stuff! (for a tight aquarium hobbyist!) ;p
  6. i like them all i have american & african cichlids atm... i've had rainbows but they didn't seem as hardy as cichlids in the aquarium. one day i hope to do a marine tank... but atm i am content with my cichlids
  7. i just leave a clear jug (with salt water in) out in the sun & when algae starts growing in it... I move it inside & transfer the newly hatched brine shrimp into it & they eat the algae. alternatively I think you can use algae or spirilina based fish foods... but i have no experience with doing that.
  8. I'm still playing around with my old man's panasonic hd video camera & various video editing tools. i've put a couple of clips on youtube... please have a look if you have the bandwidth! ;p (both vids are available in HD... but I can't embed the HD version... you'll have to click on the video & goto youtube.com to see the HD). the first vid is of an african cichlid (id needed! ) showing off to an disinterested blue peacock cichlid [yt:17hclwgs]wBEg_9MHk7I[/yt:17hclwgs] the 2nd vid is of my tiger oscar trying to eat his own reflection... always good for a laugh! [yt:17hclwgs]dgmYVJqPogI[/yt:17hclwgs] any help identifying the crazy cichlid would be appreciated... then i can edit the youtube info i did know that the fish was when i bought it... but i've forgotten
  9. check your temperature.... it might be totally unrelated but there is always a chance your heater may have died.
  10. Wow! you get amazing colours with that camera! good work!
  11. very nice pics mate i particularly like the first marbled peacock... awesome pic!!
  12. lol how can they possibly say that a hobbyist fishkeeper would only have one fishtank? that's crazy!! any true aquarium hobbyist is going to have at least 2 tanks... ya gotta have a hospital/quarantine tank imo. i have 5 tanks & consider myself a pretty small-time aquarium enthusiast. :/ best of luck getting it sorted rhonny!
  13. yeh nice looking tank aquaman you got the same skull as i have in my african tank my yellows have fights thru the eyesockets
  14. mad tank!! so jealous right now props on your resolve with the low stocking... i'd never be able to resist the 'i'll get one more fish... what the hell the tank is MASSIVE!' heheh congrats
  15. i love that 'dark tank' look ... awesome for photography too i bet! very nice looking fish too
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