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  1. Interested in plants, mostly moss. Can I have a contact number? Or arrange a time to pop by to purchase some? Thanks!

  2. It's just a G20 summit....There is no reason to cancel an even more important summit (QFAS super auction), isn't there? I'll be there
  3. Hi I'll take your l002 I live in cairns so I will pay shipping cost.

  4. I'll buy the l002 I'm in cairns and will pay shipping . Please let me know when and how to pay.Cameron

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments......I am certainly not an expert in genetics to know if they are true hybrids or not. All I know is that they came from a tank with one albino b/n and one peppermint. However, I wouldn't discount the possibility that it could be an honest mistake in that the original owner might have bought the albino b/n male that came with a breeding log and the eggs might have already existed in the log from beginning. I will have to confirm with him though In regard to being responsible when selling the hybrids....you can rest assured that they won't be sold without being told what they really are. In fact I have separated the male from the female so they don't breed again not to mention I am not interested in selling them to anyone at this stage....I will give them to people who are curious and interested to experiment about them Cheers
  6. they mature very quickly..........yeah, I totally agree that they look more like common bristlenose.......but like Donny was saying they come from a tank with a male albino b/n and a female peppermint
  7. I noticed that they change their colour quite frequently.......most of the time the female looks more like marbled and the male is more yellow (the photo is the actual colour)
  8. Hi all I'd like to share with you the photos of the hybrid bristlenoses (peppermint x albino bristlenose) that were given to me a few months back and now they are breeding. My sole purpose is to share the photos...nothing else......I don't want to get into debate of whether or not that is possible or whether they should or shouldn't be bred. Moderators if you don't think it is appropriate to show these photos here please remove them. Thanks I also have a video of the fry...what you you think about the dorsal fin? Cheers
  9. Hi Kevin The red humps look absolutely beautiful, I'll probably get some as well to make the tank looks more interesting.......Thank you
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments.....I got the fish now...cheers
  11. Thank you for your info guys........Stevie Wonder, did you mean Kelvin from rocklea aquarium? He and his brother are top guys.......I will try to drop in on the weekend. Cheers
  12. lifting the intake is good idea....perhaps I could put sand in area away from the intake and gravel near the intake
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