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  1. @RadoR Little Mountain, sunshine coast @yellows no sorry - thanks for the offer
  2. Still here if anyones interested. Send me a text on 0413580012
  3. I never thought I'd do this, but I'm looking at moving on my Kitumba colony. Ive had these since they were fry and sourced from 3 different mums. They would be 2.5-4 years old and have been showing a lot of breeding interest, I've noticed 1 mouthful before. I haven't tried or set the tank up to breed. They are currently in a 5x2.5x2, so really need a bigger tank now. There are also 2 clown loaches, 4 leleupi, 2 black calvus and 1 gold comp. I absolutely love these guys, and they males come and eat from my hand. But they are getting bigger and the new house we are in I just cant get a bigger tank. I also have 4 young kids, and looking at getting something more interactive and colourful for them. As well as having a new job and not having the time i'd like for these guys. Sex: I haven't sexed them, but am sure the 2 biggest are males as they also control the tank. Size: The biggest would be getting close to 30cm, the smallest around 12cm maybe. Price: $650 Extras: You'll also get a 2/3 container of tang chips, and happy to chuck in 4kg's of magnesium sulfate. Other Fish: For an extra $150 you can also get the 2 clown loaches, 4 lelupi, Pair of Black Calvus and Gold Comp (these wont be sold separately) Im not in a hurry to move on, so I'm pretty firm on the price and no separating.
  4. Gday everyone. Got a new tank and came with this stand. Good condition, but the sump doesn’t fit under and I have a 1 year old who love water. So need to take out the pieces along the bottom so the sump fits in. But the main thing is I want to turn it into a enclosed cabinet, preferably more of a minimalist design. Also I’d like to reinforce it a little bit. can anyone point me in a direction to some plans to do this? Or some advice?
  5. I’ve also read it can cause some issues for them - but some people have none. I feed NLS thera and mysis shrimp. Will buy a couple prawns for treats every now and then
  6. Thanks everyone - ended up going to clarke and getting 2 sheets 1200x600x20 for $8 each which isn't too bad!
  7. Yeah good to know its definitely a bad idea! The only place Ive found up in toowoomba is clarke rubber, but they only sell sheets in 1200x600, and the footprint is 2145x655 - is it ok to buy a couple sheets and piece it together with some silicon? And finally, what thickness would you recommend?
  8. Cheers, thanks for that. Just me trying to save a couple bucks, but will track some down
  9. So I'm setting up a new (second hand) 7ft (holds almost 900L) and on the way home the styrofoam base flew off (forgot to weight it down haha), so need new foam. But I was thinking about a pile of those camping foam mats I have in my shed and wondering if they will work? My worries are, they might compress down a lot more than styrofoam, and eventually will just be a thin rubberish matting rather than a cushion? Any comments?
  10. Hey interested in eco lamp led just wondering size and where pickup from. Cheers Kieran

  11. Riot, well I went overboard I think lol. About 8mm thick on the inside, plenty of silicone, 6mm on the outside. Looks horrible, but hopefully will hold water, which is all I need :-)
  12. ya, well i really dont mind, just for myself basically, maybe breeding. Sits in the shed, wont be for display. Do i really dont care what it looks like. So does it matter on the thickness to use? And should I put a piece on each side, or just the inside?
  13. Yeah it is lol...well actually its tinted. The front pannel is actually laminated, so 2 sheets, and from looking at it (really hard to see) it seems that there is the actual starting point crack on the inner pannel and the length cracks on the front. So Ill put another piece on the front? Or it doesnt matter? AANND does it matter on the thickness?
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