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  1. I have to be honest and say that I have no idea. I bought it as a calvus, so that's what I believed it was. I have never kept alto's before or since so I am no authority on the subject. Now that you bring it up, I wouldn't even be confident in saying the fish was a boy or not.
  2. I couldn't give you a definate flow rate for a pump to use, but I think you are definately restricted by the size of the outlet in the tank that you run. After all, if the outlet is running at capacity there is no point in pumping more water back to the tank and flooding it. I reckon somewhere around 1500-2000 lph might be ok. Of course, you wouldn't actually flowing anywhere near that as the pump uses alot of energy pumping at height. If it pumping too much, I've heard of people adding a tap to the pump outlet and dumping water back to the sump to reduce the flow.
  3. After being showed how to tell the difference between male and female cuckoo's by DFishkeeper, I thought I would put up some photo's explaining the difference. First photo is of a female. ( No willy ) Second photo is of a male ( Willy ) Hope this is of help to someone. Thanks Scott.
  4. My first attempt at posting photos. I no longer have this guy but he was my favourite at the time.
  5. Hi, As the heading says, how do I include some photos in a post. I have already posted the photos on a website but I am unsure how I embed them in a post. Thanks Scott.
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