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  1. just a query what are the laws and so forth on collecting saltwater fish and crustations for personal tank use as im on the gold coast and have access to fish such as clowns angels wrasse blemmy and crustations like painted crays and shrimp etc do i need a permit to collect these and if so where do i get one as i would really like to start collecting some for my new marine tank in process thanks jon
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  3. a cheaper way is to just get plastic clothes pegs drll 1 side out and stick a suction cap into it have made heaps for myself and matesthey work a treat
  4. count me and my brother in(also another member) depending on dates and time that is due to work cheers jon
  5. thats was going to be my answer as i dont think it would be to safe runing powerboard off of powerboard or would this be safe to do so if thats the case ill run heater in all tanks and have 2 seperate 2fters as that way if any disease was to go through i would treat that tank knowing it hasnt infected my other fish right? but thanks for the help briztoon will defintaltey be taking under my belt
  6. so i have posted up alot of questions and i know that some may be getting annoyed by this but iam really trying to get serious with my fish addiction i have newly been given my brothers 4ft tank and stand in which im goin to turn into a small breeding setup i plan on having a second 4ft tank divided into 2 for the breeder and the other 4ft as a fry saver and grow out tank my questions are as follows 1. filtration can i split one cannister to filter both tanks i was thinking an aquaone aquis 2200lph or would i be better looking at 2 high powered internals? the grow out fry saver tank will have alot of airstones aswell for the fry in their sives untill free swiming and egg sacks gone 2. will a divided 4ft into 2 compartments fly screen divider be sufficient enough to keep my african colonies? have 9 maingano and 12 salousi the fly screen divider will allow me to have one heater and one filter in the tank am i right? 3. as these are going to be breeding tanks do i need lights on them or will they be fine with just the room lighting? just wondering if im on the right track or if im out of my mind for trying this setup any other helpful cheap ideas would be greatly appreciated and cheap i mean by DIY thanks for taking the time reading this and hope that some help comes through soon cheers jon
  7. thanks for the info guys would love some of you tumblers jgarner but they will have to wait till i have the funds to expand
  8. thanks for the info guys muchly appreciated
  9. hi i stripped a newly bought female salousi of her eggs the other day and was wondering how long do they generally take to hatch and at what temp i should be keeping the water at they are currently in a flower like sive with airstone underneath to creat flow and movement of eggs any tips would be greatly appreciated as i know i should be using tumblers but cant afford them at this point in time so have to make do with what i have available thanks jon
  10. ok so im new to breeding and have a few maingano and salousi fry and eggs in seperate sives over airstones at the moment but im looking at making a few egg tumblers i know that jgarner has some very very nice ones and i would love to get some but to be honest iam on a very tight budget and with not much money to spend im looking at building some make shift ones if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated as i have looked on youtube and i dont really trust the ideas they use thanks jon
  11. have since added a few new broken terracota pots into my african tank plain and simple any opinions from others would be great aswell cheers jon tank resized.jpg[/attachment:2eney6yo]
  12. thanks for the advice kadango very helpful have them in their tank now and wow i cant believe how much colour they have already the fins are a beautiful neon blue and they are staring to get defiant stripes and they are only around 1cm
  13. hey mate have caught many of rainbows down my way of the coast go out to tallebudgera valley there are a few bridges i just used a scoop net (butterfly net) on dusk and into the night and just scooped them up also set the traps out there and have caught things such as gudgeons and bullrout and bass etc on lures aswell hope this helps cheers jon
  14. ok so have posted this elsewhere with no feedback i stripped my 5cm maingano of her fry today and she was holding 4 fry at around 2-3mm they are strong little swimmers i currently have them in a tea strainer over an airstone in there own little tank and my questions are when can i put them in a 2ft tank to grow them out with a sponge filter for current as this is the first time i have had cichlids breed for me so any help would be muchly appreciated also i will be feeding them on baby brine shrimp and was wondering if ground down hikari cichlid gold pellets to a dust kind of form would also be suitable please help me with all the knowledge i need as i love this hobby (addiction) and want to expand thanks jon
  15. ok so i noticed one of my small maingano was holding today so i decided to strip her as she is only 5cm i had 4 free swimming fry pop out at around 2-3mm at current time have them in a tea strainer over an airstone to create current and feeding them on baby brine shrimp the questions are that i have is how long do i have to wait to put them in a tank with a sponge filter to grow them out and can i crush some hikari cichlid gold pellets into a powderish form and feed them that aswell? this is the first time i have had fish breed so any help would be greatly appreciated thanks jon
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