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  1. oh my gosh.. you don't realise how badly i want to move to Perth so i can set up my tank and get some of those rams!! hahaha. I was actually planning on having pearl gourami's along with smaller fish for my main set up in Perth but after looking at your tanks, I don't think i need largish centerpiece fish to enjoy a tank! Mutant momma is defiantly a character!.. she is the ring leader of the cory gang and sometimes i'd see her trying to school with the gourami haha well i'm sure she would be good at making babies.. I always find eggs in the tank!..There is 1 cory that is the medium size of the cories which is momma fry i raised. darn!.. well i hope W.A has nice cheap plants then.
  2. It was very nice meeting you as well! and seeing your tanks!.. they are beautiful. When we get to Perth I'm defiantly going to TRY to get my big tank planted as nice as yours. I'm glad the fish are doing good. I hope the huge cory is behaving! haha I'll probably call Jodie-lea tomorrow and see what she thinks about road tripping bubbles over. oh i forgot to ask. What type of Ram's do you have? I love them!! thanks a million for taking my fish children! Your an excellent fish keeper.. letting the fish products take over the cupboards and fridge! haha.. that is dedication!
  3. It would be great if you could take them! We'll probably make 1 trip and bring them over since it sounds like you'll look after them. I'll try what you suggested with the betta. i have just been using melafix and aquarium salt. I also have plants that i'll need to get rid of aswell if your interested in plants aswell. Please excuse the bad pictures! for some reason the tank looks cloudy in these photos.. how embarrassing haha From what i can remember this was rotala. some type of sword and anubias on driftwood about 30cm high (Wish i could bring it!) and a bunch of java moss The plants could be in better shape but i haven't been able to get a better light. There pretty good for free plants tho! oh and i also have a tank of cherry shrimp.. i think there is around 20 :/ i don't know really but there's a bunch that need somewhere to go. BettaBettaB just pm me when i'd be able to bring them around and if your interested in the plants or shrimp. If anyone was interested in the opaline gourami here's a (bad quality) pic of the fella: '
  4. Hi, I'm moving over to W.A.. for my partners work and i'm not sure what to do with the fish. I doubt i can fly them over haha. Do you think people on here would be interested in taking them off my hands? I have: 1x male Opaline gourami (i'm estimating he's about 10cm) 6x peppered cories (1 full grown female, 2 full grown males and the others are younger and not sure what their sex is).. In the last 2 weeks they've spawned 3 times that i've noticed. and then i have the "rescued" fish.. 2 random male guppies.. and a betta that i'm treating for tailrot and hopefully i get him healed before i leave. Im assuming their types are not that sort after but no harm in trying to find my babies a home. thanks, annie
  5. bummer.. ok i won't go with the garden soil. But i have been looking at prices of laterite and other possible layers on pet city online. To do my tank it would cost over $100 to do laterite and that is the cheapest option. Since i'm a poor uni student with a crappy wage.. it's a bit too much to spend on substrate. Can i just have a sand substrate and use solely liquid fertilizer instead? or is this going to just cost more in the long run? thanks for the previous advice!
  6. Hi, I'm trying to set up a planted tank as cheap as i can. I researched that garden soil under a layer of gravel or sand is a safe option. I was wandering what type/brand of soil and where i could get it.. preferably Bunnings since its down the road. I'd also love to hear how this method has worked for people who have tried it. thanks!
  7. thanks for the link.. mixed opinions but good to know!
  8. thanks! looks promising by there website.
  9. Hi, I was wandering what places have good prices for tanks. I want at least a 75 litre preferably with a stand and hood.. unless its cheaper to buy them separately from different places? looking for specific stores or markets. anyway if anyone can give any info on buying tanks it will be appreciated.
  10. hi, My house mate couldn't handle looking after his guppies fry so i took them in. Their now getting their colours so i was wandering what do i do with them now?. Is there any store that would take them? should i try getting rid of them online here?.. thing is i dont want them to be used as feeder fish.. because i put a huge amount of effort on raising them. thanks for any suggestions, annie
  11. defiantly wont move him to a vase.. he originally lived in a large vase, where he developed many.. many illness that i had to fix. thanks for your input.
  12. hi, My betta has become very horrible to my corydoras lately and is always harrassing them. Today i found a big chunk of dorsal fin missing from a small male cory and definatly think it was mr betta!. I want to move all my catfish into the only other tank i have which is being occupied with rescued guppy fry. Half of the original amount of fry i rescued where infected with Flexibacter columnaris and died but i havent had any deaths for about a month. Will my injured cory contract columnaris if i put him in the fry tank?. i read that it is always in tank water and will attack when the fish is stressed so is it better to put the corys in the fry tank or keep them with the angry betta?. The betta used to be ok, but now hes a grump . anyway thanks for any advice!, annie
  13. Hi i was thinking of arranging small wood sticks in a planted tank but i'm not sure how. i want sticks similar to this: but a much smaller scale.. maybe 15cms high and thinner. where do i get them from? or does everyone forage for it themselves? haha I'm not really interested in a long curing process but if thats whats needed i'm all ears. any advice on achieving this "stick" look would be appreciated. thanks, annie
  14. hi, I had 7 peppered corydora fry, about 1-2 weeks old. There in a net and the rest of the tank has 2 month old guppy fry. A couple of days ago i decided to count the cory fry.. and there are only 4 left! there is no way the guppies could have gotten to them and there was no sign of the other fry except for a tiny bit that i suspect to be a little chunk of fry. Out of the 4 fry left 1 of them is huge! its twice to triple the size of the others in the head and body area but the same length as the others. Could this big fella be a cannibal? :boggle:
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