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  1. Hey all, I separated my pair of breeding julies from my main tank 2 weeks ago, and put them into a smaller tank by themselves. After cleaning my main tank this morning, I have found a baby julie maybe 5mm in the tank. I caught it out, and was wondering, is it safe to introduce the baby into the same tank as its parents are now in? Or will it most likely be eaten? Thanks alot Spits
  2. Thanks heaps, I took them out today, so I think it may probably take a while before they spawn again. But I'll wait and see Thanks alot, Spits
  3. Ok, thanks alot for all your help, One last thing, Would you happen to know how long it is in between spawns? Cheers Spits
  4. Thanks alot, They are currently in a seperated tank, but I'm unsure what I should do. Should I use the sponge filter or the 500l/hr internal? Also, should I make it bare-bottom, or keep gravel in it?
  5. Hey all, I have just found 3-5 fry from my Julidichromis Ornatus, but I don't know how to keep them alive. lol. I have had some fry before, 2 from the julies and 2 from some maingano, but every single one of them have been eaten or have died. I have removed the fry, as well as their parents from my main tank, and have put them in a small 40cm*20cm tank. Was this the right move? and, I have two filters, but I'm not sure which to use, I have a 500L/H internal or one of those sponge filters. Except everytime I hook the sponge filter up to the air pump, it doesn't look like it is sucking anything in. Is this normal? Any help would be really appreciated, as I would like to be able to start keeping some fry alive. Thanks alot, Spits
  6. hey everyone, im in a bit of a pickle as i have just discovered my 4 foot tank has a crack in the back piece of glass. about half way up from one corner to the top.. luckily the tank was emptied a few weeks ago because i went on holidays but i was just looking to set it up again when i discovered it whilst cleaning it. Is it possible to repair the glass, or would it be a better option to buy a second hand tank, maybe bigger because i was looking to start a tropheus colony. Thanks for any help
  7. hey, im just wondering if you wouldnt mind telling me how much the tank cost u? i was after a tank the same size but didnt no if i should get just a stand or a cabinet. Thanks alot, Spits
  8. hey, nice tank, stand and hood. im just wondering how you made your stand and hood and if it was very hard? what were the expenses and did u do anything special to it to make it more sturdy than others? thanks alot, Spits
  9. heyy, nice tank and nice fronts. What size tank r they in??
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