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  1. thanks for all the help, ive looked into the fish your allowed to keep in the territory and i just have to apply for a permit to import them, might cost a bit but would rather keep the colonies i have rather than start all over again
  2. is that an offer to mind my fish??? i would be willing to get someone to mind them, although i dont trust any of my "friends" with my fish. would much rather give someone some money who knows what there doing.
  3. im moving to darwin in july and am trying to find a transport company to move my fish. they will have to hold them for a week or two untill i get there and get my tanks setup but im wondering if anyone know a good transporter. they have to have an abn and be in either pets or transport industry otherwise i wont get reimbursed. any help appreciated, cheers ryan
  4. she held the first time, right through, second time she spat them while on holidays so cant be too sure i then stripped her 3rd time after 4-5 days and put them in a tumbler but werent fertile, very pale colour, next time went a few day then spat them, this time 6 days and some wrigglers. the male is looking as little thin and isnt really eating that much. might turn my attention to him. i know if i had a mouthfull of bad eggs i wouldnt wait too long to spit them!!!
  5. i have one large male, around 20cm+. water conditions........what do you want to know, temp ph ....all of the above? and 2 females around 10-12cm. although the male is only interested in one female????? what a fool
  6. my female venustus seems to be going to around 6 days and spitting the eggs, not only that when she spits them only 20% seem fertile, the rest are a pale tan colour. any advice on fixing this issue???? i have put her in isolation when she starts holding so she isnt getting harrassed, a few more females around the 15cm mark would be great but not many people are willing to part. any help would be appreciated, cheers ryan
  7. i have the glass to build the sump but the only thing that nothers me is the design of it......and then chasing down a pump for it. i personally would prefer the sump from what ive read on the forum....anyone have some links to building a 2ft sump??? i was also imntending using 19mm black irrigation pipe for the plumbing, any dramas with this? cheers ryan
  8. Setting up a breeding setup comprised of 1x4ft and 4 x 2ft, just wondering proples opinion on wether to use an external filter or sacrifice a 2fter and use a sump??? advice appreciated....even the hot air advice, useless points, and very biassed opinions...lol cheers ryan
  9. thats great but what do you feed your fish....lol are most people using a mix of a few different foods, not as the marketing claims "complete" cichlid diet???
  10. just wondering what feed people are using for their cichlids, i have been using new life spectrum cichlid food and was wondering what other quality feed is available?? opinions and advice appreciated, cheers ryan
  11. i dont think she will hold them........last time she spat them about 14 days. although i wasnt home to check, went on holidays.
  12. i have a venustus thats started holding today, just wanted some opinions on how long people suggest to leave her before putting the eggs in the tumbler, cheers ryan
  13. i had a female with a mouthful that was getting harrassed so i put her in isolation in the tank. now she has let some go. my question is do i get the fry completely away from her or leave them all in together????
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