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  1. Mine survived bleached for a couple Hours then wrapped in black plastic for a week then allowed to bake in sun for a week. Good of luck getting rid of them.
  2. Hey my partner is interested in buying the whole setup if u could please call 0407599708

  3. The values in 1,2,3 etc are like ph. They are not a direct ppm conversion like you are thinking. There are converters on websites that will tell you what a 2 or 3 equates to.
  4. Best thing you can do with convicts is provide the girl with plenty of cover, set the heater, feed daily and forget about them. Like most fish. The more you fiddle the less chance of breeding. Convicts will breed, but remember they can take 4-6 weeks between breeding at the start. And that's when they are used to each other. Just sit back, relax and watch them carry on.
  5. I seriously doubt you will find it on the Gold Coast anywhere near that price. Only option is guppys but again that's posted.
  6. I think it's overkill. Reall how many of those things are in our water. I suggest go spend $80 at bunnings and get a carbon block filter and insert. In the section around the sinks.
  7. Pretty simple really. Don't import **** that isn't allowed to be imported. Don't see how anyone should be worried unless their doing the wrong thing.
  8. Probably the sized tank. He is a pretty fish with not alot of water around him. Lots of things like eating little red fishies. A female might help but probably only when breeding. He might come around eventually once he learns nothing is trying to eat him.
  9. I also just use an open pipe. Don't know why bit it works better. Also try normal tap water no dechlorinator. The chlorine dissapates with the oxygen going in but it keeps the fungal growth down while it is still there.
  10. Any reason you are particularly concerned with readings so low?
  11. Get a glass bottle that doesnt have straight sides. IE the middle isnt as wide as the end. Roll it over the food to gently crush it. Best way ive found so far.
  12. It really depends Matt. My 18k from kenstar is soon about 14-16k through the system. Some tanks are 2.2m head and all taps are turned down. About what I would be expecting. My 10k was doing 8k on the same system. I will be needing more head on my next sytem but so far so good. Also have a look at these bad boys. Innovative electronic motors-4EP20-32----Jebao Co.,Ltd.
  13. Also kenstar on here had good Eco pumps that I have never had any issues with. Currently running 3 of them.
  14. I think most people would be surprised what temperature fish live with in the wild. Just remember they are cold blooded. Colder t gets the less food they should be fed. I haven't turned my system on the heat yet and probably won't this week. In all honestly my fish are loving the cooler temps are breeding more than over summer.
  15. On my system I still have air. I also have air stones under the media in the sump. When power goes out I just run the air. Keeps fish alive and bacteria alive. Happy days and best of both worlds.
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