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  1. I'm over this topic, so good luck with a solution or even a reason for this debate. I have other places to be for sharing my info on flowerhorn. I am not going with my tail between my legs or because I cant take the opinions of others but because my input isnt usefull on this forum in relation to hybrids. so without anamosity i depart to waste my time elsewhere. The info on pure breeds and other basic aquarium knowledge is readily available on over 1000 forums world wide. So good bye fare well and enjoy your forum, this forum isnt for me. I found my experience here very negative and closed minded, compared with the other Australian and International forums I visit. I know I wont be missed or make a gnats fart of difference. Thanks to all who have had an open mind. if you are associated with this forum and have purchased from me before please discontinue contact with me. My products are no longer available to forum members. Thank you. Cichlidae.
  2. after being warned and comming to the conclusion that I have never heard of a debate where the guy moderating is in the debate but there you go, My opinion stands un altered either do some thing about it or put up. I am a responsible hybrid breeder, we aren't all the same... on the topic of blaming everyone with a flowerhorn for the loss of pure species, I guess you were all there with the federal government to appolagise to the aboriginies for the atrocities 200 years ago? or wasnt that your fault. its much easier to point the finger and blame a group rather than try to do something about the problem. This is an opinion take it or leave it i dont care. This is not a debate, a debate has 2 sides at least and an impartial moderator. Another Opinion! Enjoy your opinions and removing mine. C.
  3. Thank you for your support, all of these topics, issues and more could be addressed easily with a sensible section dedicated to the topic of hybrids. again back to the education and acess to information. we can be a part of the solution or a part of the problem, thats how I see it. I am sorry however to decide on this forum but you have the numbers to make a difference. there is no point putting this stuff up on a members only forum dedicated to hybrid enthusiasts, thats just preaching to the converted, the enthusiasts already know what they are doing, its the guy who decides to become interested that is problem. Give him the info....he will most likely come to the biggest most recommended forum in his area, not some forum no one knows exists. Flowerhorn enthusiasts are extremely private about what they do due to so many years of persecution. they are not a problem or threat to pure bloodlines......thanks for reading. Anything from the owners/mods? Cichlidae.
  4. Dont get me wrong I never said man playing a part in nature was a bad thing, I am all for line breeding, hybrids and pures, each has its place I breed for $ not much admitedly but I do all the same. Quality above all else. what ever it takes to ensure a stable future in the industry for all. My argument still stands as dont ban Hybrids educate about all fish, the lack of acess to corect hybridising techniques as easily as other information here makes me sad. I want to share all my knowledge including what I know in regards to Flowerhorn, one of my most loved species. I shouldnt feel like an outcast or a dirty mongrel keeper for having a fish I consider beautiful. The only problem with these fish is a lack of readily available and easy to acess info. you educate the people who want to keep them you reduce the amount of badly bred mongrels going to the shops. you try to educate the shops to not take unknown breeds, a flowerhorn isnt anything, A KAMALAU/KGM is worth a lot but it is a flowerhorn. they are 2 different fish, a "flowerhorn" could look like anything from a munted trimac to a mongrel cross bred midas devil sort of thing. worthless. so education stops people breeding this worthless crap and alows true hybrid fish to flourish again. Asks owners/moderators for a hybrid section on the forum, PLEASE!!!!!! give us a place to share info. No Sale of flowerhorn still stands.....its education and knowledge, not a destructive force trying to consume the last remaining pure breeds in the country. Some one back me up here..... C.
  5. Just a quick question about stingrays, are there native freshwater stingrays here? is it legal to keep them? Damn some time it sucks not knowing everything! LOL. An aussie busters tank would look awesome, I would love to go up north and bring back good size wild caught fish to do my first stock up!! C.
  6. My opinion on EBJDs is wether a natural colour morph or not the enhancements in the morph have been selectively bred by man for the purpose of $$. otherwise there would be a small percentage of them comming from the wild. therefore a type of hybridisation or line breeding for money, not pure/wild sorry. (opinion) C.
  7. Forgot to add blood parrots- sometimes I dont mind them sort of, but mostly I find them repulsively atractive, like something that you know is just so wrong on so many levels yet you just cant help but look..... sort of like that for me anyway. C.
  8. I had one guy ask me for those yellow chinchilla things.....I had no idea what he was talking about while i was standing right next to the electric yellows, while I was being confused about what a chinchilla was he points to the yellow and says you know those things there. I thought he was in the wrong section and was looking for a type of cat or something. he left happy with his new yellow chinchillas for his fish tank. True story. C
  9. she just went breeding crazy I couldnt stop them. I am sure it was pure hunger, she pumped out over 40 young on that hold too. Never done it since she must have known if she didnt eat she wouldnt make it I guess survival instinct is greater than young though she didnt eat the eggs. it went on for about 7 or 8 days then she went to the mummy tank. I put some in there but she didnt touch it. I think instinct is amazing in these creatures, regardless of how far removed from the original wild strain they now are its still preservation of their lines at all costs. C
  10. so we educate the shop owners, if they dont buy colourfull mongrels cheep and sell them of as things like mixed african cichlids then slowly the ability to walk into a shop with a batch of sh%t and sell it is no longer an option thus education is forced on the 20%. they wont be able to sell them on forums or in shops. Education through superior fire power! Start making the shop owners accountable for trading in the very thing that will eventually destroy the industry. How many members here feel strongly enough to do something positive. I know at least a dozen people myself who are not on this forum and are concerned about the same things and keep an aray of different fish. If every one of us can get 3 mates to stop buying from shops who sell the mongrels till they remove them, then they do the same. It wont take long for the message to get across. and thus we have achieved a start. these sort of canges are not done over night but they are seriously attainable goals. I believe there is room within the industry for properly maintained cultivation of pure species and hybrid species. the flow of Sh%t has to be stopped somewhere though. stop it at its source. the shops. you guys already stop it here, and the numbers are here too. C.
  11. Yay!!!! The species should be sold and kept seperate (hybrids, pures) with a code of ethics to unite the breeders of this country not divdie us. The more we work together on forums like this the more people become involved. the more those of us with experience can share all the knowledge available and create better guidelines and greater networks. This can only strengthen our hobby. At the moment we are a rabble arguing amongst ourselves about details, when we should be building our strengths to stop the government from pushing us around and taking what little we have left away. I believe if the government continues on its current track eventually nearly all ornamental fish will be restricted to import. If that ever happens our only hope remains in a dedicated network of keepers united as one front Australia wide protecting the pure lines. while the hybrid industry will flourish as crossing the lines in some cases may lead to disfigurement, where as in otheres if done coretcly it can create a new species being a strong and healthy line, and still able to be produced in country with what we already have. I am concerned to protect both sides of the coin at the end of the day. unity and education is the key. C.
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  13. You want fish like those you must have been hanging around MFK. While I wish for an aligator gar or african tigerfish to be legal with a permit and I do spend some time on MFK, have you ever considered the Aussie alternatives? With a monster tank running slight brackish your species could include: Barra, Salmon tail catfish, Mangrove jack, Mono Sebae, Juvenile bull shark (dependant on literage and current flow and feeding), Australian bass, Possibly mulloway, Puffer species, Archer fish, Saratoga,Etc Etc Etc, You can also get licenses for fresh water crocidiles too. I love the awesome fish of the world my current largest is a P.Bass. I have 2 tank construction projects in initial stage (plans and engineering assistance), 1 is a build in +5000 litre tank. the other is about a 60,000 litre tank the major cost of this project is the techincal equations to work out glass thickness and structure and create a legitimate plan for this construction, aplications to govrnmnt, about size and water usage permits, etc. and the cost of glass/acrylic and filtration. It is a dream/reality project. I also have nearly all the bits to start construction on a small 1500 litre tank for my P.Bass. When I do that one later this year I will post it here. Good luck with the international species though and have a thought of how awesome a 35 kg barra swimming with metre long salmon tail and others would look. C.
  14. I am not certain that I havent seen my most experienced mother peacock suck small amounts of spectrum grow while holding, have never seen any of my other females do this though. The food is so small and she tends to do this little procedure at the back of the tank only and only in 1 specific place. it looks like she sucks a pelet at a time and then seems to juggle her eggs around for about 10 seconds or more before repeating the procedure. this only occoured in a back to back holding I put her in the wrong tank and within an hour she was holding again. I thought this was highly unusual at the time but when I researched it a bit i found that some more mature females have been known to do this in captivity and the wild, i put it down to necessity. She hasnt done it again on subsequent holds, and as per normal just looks at the food and swims away. Interesting I thought, so I wouldnt say never, but to eat while holding is highly unusual. maybe my fish are just freaks like me! Those pictures are Awesome x 10!!!!!!!! C.
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