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  1. hey if anyone is going to grab some could they grab me some too? i will pay extra for fuel and effort, i dont have a car
  2. No. I just countedthis morning still have around 35 looking healthy getting bigger every day
  3. yeh its a metal strainer...i thought it would be ok but yeh i might go buy a plastic one next time. i will increase the airflow aswell. I was just a bit cautious of hurting them by tumbling them too violently.
  4. hey i came home today and i found that some had gone white and just died, fish and all. I assume that after this they will get all fungus and stuff but why are they dying??? There is also one next to the white one that seems to have just herniated or something. here are some photos cheers
  5. how strong would you have the water flow? i have it so that they all jiggle but none of them actually bounce or anything. they just sort of vibrate.
  6. hey i have some 10 day old frontosa eggs that are clearly fertilized yet everyday there are a few that are dead and fungusy. I dont know why this is happening, should i raise the water flow around them? or would some methylene blue clear it all up?
  7. would aquapro algaway (for ornatmental ponds) be ok? active constituent: 5g/l diuron thanks
  8. Yeh sorry just needed to know urgently. Better to be safe than sorry.
  9. Where can I buy methylene blue? Or a just as effective alternative? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi I have a batch of kigoma eggs and am wondering where to buy some methylene blue or a just as effective alternative? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. yeh they were in the same tank. I was wondering if there was anything stronger than salt etc i could use. Like would methyl blue or something do a better job? willing to buy whatever
  12. i had a breeding pair of chocolate cichlid and the first one died, the other one we put it in a hospital tank and it survived. The first one was similar but it was more fungusy and the fish seemed to be less active and healthy. This guy still has all balance and is active.
  13. yeh several other fish have got it before in this tank, i might give it a few massive doses of salt... by the way do the eggs look fertilized? this is my first batch and im pretty clueless. the rocks in the tank arent as sharp as slate but they arent round... no other fish have any cuts or anything either. And they have been holding every few weeks so i assume they are pretty happy with water etc
  14. hey a few days ago it had a small cut on his head but the tank had a bit of salt in it so i thought it would be ok. It is now a big cut that looks really bad. I have put him in a 15L hospital tank with 4tspoons of salt and 3 mls of melafix. Any other suggestions? i think this infection keeps happening in this tank, is there anyway to get rid of it permanently? The big fella did his business before he got infected though so got some eggs too, had to strip at day 4 though.
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