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  2. heyy guys, alrighty so ive always loved freshwater rays and have decided i want to get some, so basically id love an info i can get on them the what to and not to do based on previous experience's know these guys can have a pretty hefty price tag(welll for a teenager anyway) i really dont want to loose one. things id like to know about! filtration, water paramiters, substartes( i know they need sand but one that doesnt raise ph), feeding tank sizes. any info would be great thanks guys!
  3. alrighty lucky i checked so auctions been moves to the 4th and its at caboulture high school hall correct? can i just rock up? or do you need to like rsvp? also i see fish r in at 3 and auction starts at 5 so can you view the fish? or should i just come at 5? and what usually goes there? oviously common cichlids etc but ever any exotics? thanks for the help everyone see yas there!!!
  4. heyy everyone' i perosnally think this is a great idea! i keep everything from p bass to kribensis, currently putting finishing touches on a 3 teir breeding system that holdes 12x45cm cubes, so should have some cheap fishies soon!
  5. love the motoro and after seeing these pics i've decided to buy another 20 frontosas to add some new blood to my young colony,
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  8. just give him whitebait if he doesnt eat try again the next day most barra eat the food before it hits the water anyways haha and things sucha s prawns and whitebait (frozen) contain salt which the barra will love a thrive in.
  9. heyy came home today and there were 5 jelly bean size (what i think look like yolk sacks) just wondering if this is pre spawn behaiour or they have been eating yellow stuff haha, thanks guys.
  10. aww shame would have loved to see a bit rtc and p bass in there.
  11. holy crap!!!!!!!! what width is the glass? and is it toughened? stock list definatly!!!!!!!
  12. thanks mate will be sure to pass on the bargain price i got them for!!
  13. thanks cav will probably just leave fry in as its there first batch and dont wanna strip them of them and scare them of spawning again.
  14. sure were braddo were in community tank buy removed the pair and they spawned within a few days!!!!
  15. my gold sevs just spawns and wondering what i should do, leave parents in, remove 1 etc? thanks.
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